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Automate ETA intimation via mobile app

Client background: Australian Mobile App development company Industry: Technology / ISV Products/Services: Mobile Application Development Business Challenge Messages using a phone while driving greatly increases the risk of road accidents. ETA’s are a common message sent by people driving. Challenges in remembering all the appointments booked with family & friends [...]

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Text analytics for product categorization

Client background: A leading provider of Innovative Business Solutions specializing in cloud based CRM solutions, Multi-channel Marketing, Omni Channel Order management, Business Intelligence, and ERP application Industry: Technology / ISV Products/Services:Advanced Analytics Business Challenge Categorize products based on user comments, description and reviews on various sites Find relevant words connecting the product [...]

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Data engineering and analysis augmenting dashboard intelligence

Client background:A pioneer in providing digital solutions to powersports, recreational vehicle, and commercial truck and equipment segmentsIndustry: MediaProducts/Services: Advanced Analytics Business Challenge Serve OEMs by building intelligent-rich dashboards Provide intelligence encompassing consumer interests, visitor trends, dealer churn, dealer buyouts, product line additions, product line seasonality and demographic information Map right datasets to various [...]

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Reduced Customer churn rate using Churn Analytics for a logistics vendor

Client background:  A leading 3PL solutions provider Industry: Transportation & Logistics Products/Services: Advanced Analytics Business Challenge Increasing customer churn rates Understand factors leading to churn Predict potential customers who are likely to churn Roll out retention measures to keep customers with them and increase count of loyal customers [...]

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Power BI solution for a Polytechnic in Singapore

Client background: Singapore’s first & one of the oldest Polytechnic in the country Industry: Public Sector Products/Services: MSBI Business Challenge Current BI system is accessing multiple sources including Excel, CSV, Oracle, Qlik data files Lack of resource availability to manually upload data which are again prone to human errors [...]

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Digital Transformation for a leading Insuretech (Payer)

Client background: A leading Insuretech headquartered in Netherlands Industry: Healthcare Products/Services: NodeJS Business Challenge Required a flexible solution that catered to different policy types demanded by partner companies Create ‘Group Policies’ or ‘Individual Policies’ with desired components (payment, registrations, underwriting, etc.) Enable component monitoring, document management, and payments [...]

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Creating Cardless Cash Network for a leading fintech

Client background: First independent cardless cash network in the USA Industry: Fintech Products/Services: Application Services Business Challenge Creating a largest Cardless Cash ecosystem for P2P transfers, promotions and lending Challenges in sending  cash to friends and relatives who may or may not be banked Lack of intuitive UI which [...]

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IoT for Logistics & Transportation

Client background:A leading and reliable provider of warehousing, courier, freight and delivery service to businesses throughout US Industry: Transportation & Logistics Products/Services: Internet of Things (IoT) Business Challenge Inefficiencies in managing fleet leading to increase in the operational expenditure and low profit margins The client wanted to automate the vehicle [...]

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SharePoint Development for a telecom operator

Client background: Leading telecom operator in UK Industry: Telecom Products/Services: Application Services Business Challenge Client was having separate SharePoint site for each of its vendors to manage their contract resources and project cost Approvals/tracking SOW and timesheets was a cumbersome process; Also manual verification & multiple uploading was required [...]

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Server Migration for a ICT

Client background: A leading IT Service provider Industry: Technology / ISV Products/Services: IT Helpdesk Business Challenge Multiple Infrastructures across various locations (600 managed cloud customers, spread across 11 countries, hosted from best-in-class data centres in 12 different European locations) Migrate Swiss based customer’s Infra to Swiss Short time frame [...]

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