How Omnichannel Analytics gives shape to ‘Customer-envisioned’ Retail

Time hasn’t chipped away at the retail essentials. Rather, the tenet-trio of customer engagement, customer experience and customer shopping have evolved with time and have also grown in significance. The days when customers just relied on the corner store to interact with the retailer, purchase products to satiate their needs are long gone. Flipping [...]

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Retail – App only Vs Mobile web

Retail is one of the domains which is trying to adapt to mobile technology in a big way. Every big retailer is trying to put their best foot forward envisaging their customers’ pattern of spending as well as their lifestyle. First, let us try looking why mobile at the first go? The answer is [...]

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IOT – Changing the face of Retail

IOT or widely called “Internet of Things” has somehow become “Internet of Today” in current scenario. More than Machine to machine communication it has slowly evolved into a fact of life. There is no field left, which it hasn’t touched and revolutionized to the every extent possible. Retail, is also one of the areas which [...]

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