Bollywood started in 1912 with a silent film in Mumbai. The birth was from ingenuity and the love of art. That was the era when the standards were the same all across the world. The lack of capability due to technology (silent black and white films) was the same for all nations and audience. There wasn’t much taste difference as most movies had relatively social severe content. This was followed by the golden era of Bollywood from 1940-60, marked with multiple international awards. Years later, we looked forward to the most awaited Bollywood movie of 2021 – Radhe. Unfortunately, it did not turn out as expected and is one of the lowest-rated movies ever.  

I grew up in the 90s in urban western cities of India and was obsessed with Bollywood and its music… until I went was introduced to Ridley Scott, Guy Ritchie, Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Metallica, Santana, Dire straits and more.  Compared to Hollywood, we see a steepdownfall of Indian cinema due to eagerness for easy revenue (with superstars and big hits) and lack of an original script. However, it doesn’t mean that art couldn’t be found in small pockets and corners.  

The Big IT from India has many similar traits. Compared to European IT services companies or start-ups, it is not innovating new technologies, products, services, value-adds because of eagerness for easy revenue (with large-scale cost arbitrage). We lack big product companies or game developers.The focus on employees is negligible. The information technology services were about problem-solving creatively but have been reduced to pencil-pushing jobs with many disengaged people.Several people see it as planned obsolescence. However, it doesn’t mean that innovation and creativity won’t be found in small pockets. 

Saksoft is one such small-pocket, as a medium-sized IT services company. We created large-scale microservices before frameworks were in place. We were used to sprints before Agile was famous.We are developing a great suite of vertical-focused products STAQKPrimaSAQAMAUNITE,AcusendLiteTMS and more 

Our strategy is vertical focussed and is called “inch-wide, mile-deep”. We are individuals and smaller groups with domain and technical expertise in a few areas brought together with a “string of pearls”.We have excellent product development and system integration capabilities. We have greatanalytics/machine learning capability.  We have a great team of friendly business analysts and product managers who interact and work as clients extended arm.  

The value and outcomes generated for our customers is our main proposition rather than just cost arbitrage. Therefore, we compete to hire the best talent and take care of them with a friendly atmosphere and continuous learning. 

We are bringing creativity back to IT engineering.