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Kaushal has been working on solutions which transform organisations inside-out. He currently provides solutions and strategic advice to our customers and helps on-board them

Facing obsolescence: Can IT services mould themselves for the modern world?

Bollywood started in 1912 with a silent film in Mumbai. The birth was from ingenuity and the love of art. That was the era when the standards were the same all across the world. The lack of capability due to technology (silent black and white films) was the same for all nations and audience. There wasn’t much taste difference as most [...]

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Lessons from all-day breakfast: Being inch-wide and mile-deep

From 2006 to 2015, McDonald’s growth had been declining. The executives saw the problem as the limited menu in the fast-food chain and had been continuously increasing the offerings. In October 2015, McDonald’s went back to basics, introduced all-day breakfast and dropped most of the additional items. It marked the most significant strategic move [...]

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Burrito, Crypto, Muy contento

Last week the US celebrated National burrito day on April 1st, and no, it wasn’t a fool’s day joke. It’s like the Chicken tikka masala day on May 7th. Most Mexican restaurants like Chipotle, Taco Bell, Del Taco, Baja Fresh- gave out coupons, discounts and rewards. Chipotle, in particular, announced to give away $100,000 [...]

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Malcom Mclean Containerization and Transformation

A few days back, I stumbled on a Ted-Ed video (link) about how Malcom Mclean shaped the modern world. In the great depression in the ’30s, Malcom Mclean was a 24-year-old truck driver. He got a job taking cotton bales from Fayetteville, NC, all the way to the pier in Hoboken, NJ, for shipping overseas. [...]

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Building Loyalty Management Programs

It is well established that selling to an existing customer is about five times cheaper than to acquire a new customer. 44% retailers (or SaaS vendors) focus more on customer acquisition, 40% give equal focus to customer retention, and only 16% give more emphasis on retention. Not only that, but existing customers spend 67% [...]

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