With billions of data generated and consumed every second, telecom sector is bracing itself for huge data traffic. This data is providing opportunity and challenge and by introspecting your business models and infrastructure, telcos can open up new revenue streams. Telcos with a clear data management analysis strategy have a competitive edge. Saksoft offers a holistic telco solution including automation, Customer Engagement Solutions, Big Data Customer Analytics Solution, Cloud Migration Services, and Enterprise ERP.

Our digital solutions are empowering telecom service providers with

  • Digital First’s holistic approach enables better customer engagement

  • Business simplification through automated solutions

  • Get deeper insights into customer behaviour, their service usage patterns, preferences, and interests real-time

Our Solutions

  • Legacy Modernization

  • Intelligent Automation

  • Enterprise application development

  • Service Desk Support,

  • Migration Services

  • Managed Infra Support

  • Testing Centre of Excellence

Case Study

Saksoft created a centralized repository called Centralized Information Server (CIS). This data warehouse is synchronized to all the related servers such as Polling servers, Alarm servers, Sales and Marketing Server, Intranet server and Reporting server, with an additional feature to set the required time interval for synchronization. SSIS packages were used to upload the CSV polling server data file into the CIS in a pre-defined format. Data was archived on a yearly basis to keep it organized and maintain high data load time, with an automated email to update the team members. The monthly data and the archived data are stored separately to facilitate better reporting experience for user base. Sales, Marketing, Alarm Receiving and Helpdesk reports are triggered based on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or activity basis. A centralized interface was created to view all the reports and is configured to serve the subscribed user/group

Saksoft’s fresh thinking and approach has helped a leading telco operator to create a value chain for their customers and opened up new avenues. digital platforms that combine connectivity, data, analysis, security, mobile and cloud to support business.

Case Study

Built a common test framework and suite that allowed execution on all browsers. Ant, a Build tool was used and customized reports were configured to allow user friendly test reports for easier analysis and decision making

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