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Deployed our unified automation framework to cater testing requirements. Created Jenkins job for on demand and part of CI/CD execution. Framework was configured in a way to include other Non -Functional Automations. We also integrated the HTML reporting with the framework.

Maintaining automation scripts was a tedious task for one of our clients, as new code deployments were rapidly changing the page layouts, and increasing the script re-factoring effort with every new release. Integrated AI based recovery scenarios into the already deployed UNITE framework to eliminate this effort. This integration empowered automation scripts to selfheal whenever a locator on the page was missing. This eliminated the false failures due to locator changes and application timeout issues.

One of the leading Indian bank was looking for an automation solution, which required a huge amount of test data build up and some repetitive tasks with multiple validation points, involving multiple backend and frontend systems. Conducted a POC by Implementing Robotic test automation using an industry leading robotic solution – “UI Path”. One of the workflows created validated the system entries with the digital forms received from the customers in a pdf format.

A leading telecom company needed an automation testing. They had complex multi-system integrations, multi-vendor resources constituting multiple project teams, using different frameworks for individual project automation testing. UNITE framework was deployed to eliminate all testing automation frameworks and to cater all testing automation needs including – Functional, API, Database, Accessibility, Performance, Security, Mobile, Desktop. Reusing all the existing automation scripts eliminated all the rework effort.

A clinical services company was struggling with the availability of testers at the right time and also with a lack of QA process. We understood the complexity of the application environment and developed test cases and executed the tests accordingly to prevent impact on application productivity. We added API testing to the top of the priority list so that we could search the APIs that were missing from the project first. We updated daily status of tests performed along with the vulnerability identified in the form of PDF. Created automation suite to support release cycle and reduce last time crunch.

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