Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

As organizations grapple with the challenge of scaling the digital disruption, success stories in the business world have laid bare the effect of machine learning & artificial intelligence on transformation of businesses into data-driven intelligent enterprises. With domain expertise combined with our AI/ML solutions, we help accelerate your course to future-proof your business.

We help implement your AI/ML strategies to propel automation, innovation, customer experience, and operational excellence. We tailor solutions to meet your specific needs leveraging home-grown capabilities, cloud and on-premise infrastructure, modern AI tools and robust MLOps approach.

Our AI/ML end-to-end services encompass AI consulting, data mining, ML development, computer vision, and NLP-powered aspect-based sentiment analysis. We speed up your ML adoption, build case-specific AI & ML solutions to establish predictive analytics results and make smarter decisions.

Case Studies

A flower delivery network wanted to act on customer feedbacks, optimize operations to improve customer satisfaction scores. We helped them embed aspect-based sentiment analysis to promote personalized offers, sharpen operational efficiency and promote superior customer experience.

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A Telecom company hit a snag with the service installation compounded by the long queues and a breach of the process. Empowering the company to find patterns across process and queue leveraging data mining and building predictive analytics model, we helped them predict queue time and roll out measures to facilitate faster execution time.

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We helped a micro-influencer marketing platform company to enrich its platform with sentiment analysis and predictive analytics. The platform now helps identify influencers, predict influencer performance and transform B2C target rates.

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A Cloud solutions provider took a customer-orientated way to categorize products – leverage user reviews, comments and description – By leveraging Word Embedding and Text analytics, we helped the company to unearth common relationship among reviews and comments, map product to product category reviews.

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