Today, retail word has the empowered, informed and conscious customer at the core of its operations. With more channels, touchpoints, devices and mediums, empowered customers decide how to interact with retail chains. Where customers have the ‘final say’ in the disrupted retail world, all roads lead to the most coveted destination, “CX” Customer Experience.


Empowered and hyper-connected customers, always-on landscape, stiff competition, data explosion and evolving retail technology are forces accelerating the retail transformation. In-store, mobile or online, retail chains must now be with the customer at every point of the journey. Whether it is winning a customer, offering personalized customer experience and unparalleled customer service or earning customer loyalty, retail stores must read and anticipate customer preferences, needs and behavior in advance, acquire customer 360-degree.

Saksoft leverages its retail and technology expertise to help and empower retail chains in transforming into a ‘customer-envisioned’ retailer. We guide retail stores act on a refurbished digital perspective, take advantage of our capabilities across product engineering, Cloud, mobile, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) to steal a march over competition.

We help retail stores, track, evaluate and take control over customer experience. Empowered with proven retail experience across prospecting, sales, customer acquisition and customer service, we deploy the most-fitting solutions to help retail stores re-imagine supply chain, optimize order fulfillment, support omnichannel commerce, run personalized promotions and leverage customer-centric pricing to improve operational efficiency, create enriching customer experience and exceed customer expectations.

Saksoft offers the following solutions and services to augment retail performance:

  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer journey
  • Storefront solutions
  • Data management
  • Omnichannel orchestration and analytics
  • Product engineering