Retail is witnessing rapid changes. With the need to build Omni channel ecosystem and improve customer engagement and seamless customer movements between digital and physical mediums, retailers are banking on solutions powering digital transformation, experiential retail, operational agility and revenue growth.

Our Retail solutions are powered by our domain expertise coupled with our retail experience in deploying end-to-end retail solutions solving complex challenges and augmenting areas including customer engagement, eCommerce, Sales & Marketing, Supply chain and Pricing.

Our Retail ecommerce Capabilities

eCommerce portal development

Global eCommerce sale is capturing a major chunk of the total retail sales. For retailers, it is now an absolute imperative to raise modern eCommerce platforms that promote conversion-optimizing experiences and leverage modern technologies like Chatbots, AI, mobile and Big data to enable onsite personalization and facilitate individualized experiences.

Our eCommerce portal development encompasses the following:

  • User interface design

  • Product catalog

  • Online payment gateway integration

  • Shopping cart system

  • User experience design

  • Shipping gateway integration

  • Customer management/product management/order management

  • Mobile app for eCommerce site

  • Embedding analytics capabilities into portal

Case Study

Built a B2B and B2C ecommerce stores for a client who is a designer of prom dresses, formal dresses, and celebrity dresses. We developed and managed the ecommerce stores for US and UK. We also built their backend system to manage orders and inventory

At Saksoft, our retail practice capitalizes on our experience in leveraging machine learning, advanced analytics, AI, Mobile application capabilities and Cloud migration to help customers create eCommerce platforms and leverage modern technologies to facilitate enriching customer experiences, optimize conversions and accelerate sales and revenue growth

Case Study

Customer 360 view : Created customer360 dashboard (using Hadoop, R & tableau) which helped our client to profile their customers, forecast sales and help in conversion rates. Client is one of the UK’s leading work wear rental and workplace services provider

Mobile Apps

As a trustworthy mobile app development company, Saksoft guides organizations to adopt the right mobile strategy, embrace the right technology platforms and transform into a next generation mobile enterprise. Our mobile application development services are geared to create high performing mobile apps across platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry OS. Whether you want to build native apps, or cross-platform apps, our android and iOS development experts create mobile solutions that drive enriching app experience.

  • Native Applications

  • New Application Development

  • SmartTrack

  • Rapid Prototype Development

  • Feature Enhancement

  • Performance Optimization

Case Study

We developed a cloud based mobile data gathering application -iformbuilder  for a Diamond Retailer Built on CMS, this application uses Java APIs & Web services used for near real-time data exchange. App captures customer info (came from a hotel, on a cruise ship), employee info (sales person, the ticket in the sale, capture the commission). To make sure the app supports offline (even in remote locations), the app downloads all of the content on the iPad offline. The employees can enter data/records and whenever they connect the app to internet the database will be updated. By updating the incremental database every time, even using a slow internet connection it can update the Master database

Retail Analytics

Customer insights are critical to promote consistent retail performance. By turning data-centric, retailers want to leverage data to reap rewards from targeted marketing, gain ability to attract and retain customers, make smarter decisions and use customer insights to increase sales and margins.

Case Study

Used sentiment analysis to identify influencers for marketing strategy. Used predictive analytics to predict influencer performance & predict content for influencers, right time to post and outcome of engagement

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