The emergence of new age technologies like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automations etc. have turned into reckoned forces transforming Fintech more than most industry verticals. Increased and judicious technology spending is now considered an indispensable trait within the sector.

Our Digital Transformation Solutions for Public Sector companies

Saksoft helps public sector organizations to make optimum use of digital transformation enablements such as Information Management, optimized applications and analytics. We help to embed new technologies and solutions into the conventional processes and save money, increase efficiency and serve the citizens better.

Case Study

A council wanted to identify and implement interventions to keep people safe, cut costs and improve people’s lives. We developed a BI platform to provide visually appealing analytics and reports. Using data from multiple sources we were able to identify a customer journey (cradle to grave) & service user journey. Case workers are now empowered with near real time information at their fingertips to assist them with decision making whilst in the field. The council is now a data driven organisation. 

Developed a Pot hole application based on machine learning and facial recognition from IOT data feeds

With technology agnostic solutions we have been helping Public Sector companies across Singapore and UK with their digital transformation aspirations

  • IoT Solutions

  • Mobility Solutions

  • Managed Service

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  • Testing & QA

  • Advanced Analytics

Case Study

Solutions for community management for property managers, condo/high-rise managers, homeowners associations (HOAs), Security managers (with guard tour and field inspections), and Builders. The app also kept residents informed with Association Voice (AV), reserve areas, make payments. We integrated with Credentialed Access, Visitor Management, Telephone Entry Systems, License Plate Recognition, Community Websites, Mobile Patrol, and Front Desk Concierge

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