Logistics and Supply Chain

With more and more users opt for online purchase everyday, the e-commerce industry is growing fast. This has significantly affected the logistics and supply chain, causing tremendous changes in the recent past. End users want to have visibility and tracking of the goods they bought during its transit. This huge turnaround has directly linked the logistics industry to the end customers rather than a mere third party vendor.


In order to cater to this dynamic environment, logistics players need applications, analytics, real-time dashboards and devices that are interconnected. This calls for the need of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, Cloud solutions and Advanced BI tools.

Third-party logistics (3PL) is a concept that provides strategic approach to integrate technology into logistics and supply chain. But it is significant to understand your business process and needs before taking the road to digital transformation.

Saksoft offers complete solution to the logistics and supply chain industry. Unlike traditional 3PLs, Saksoft enables customers with harnessed technologies such as cloud networks to redefine their logistics. We digitize the processes through automation, enable network-wide high visibility and provide the much needed digital foundation to our customers. Our team delivers custom-build applications for freight management, warehouse management and supply chain management. We also provide EDI Integration in Logistics and SCM tools, Integration of big data for performance enhancement, Logistic dashboards and System integration.