Evolving business models, changing customer expectations, digital transformation are changing the dynamics of the Transportation & Logistics industry. To remain competitive, logistics players need applications, analytics, real-time dashboards and devices that are interconnected. This calls for the need of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, Cloud Solutions and Advanced Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Saksoft’s offers a digital suite of solutions including Digital Transportation and Management Solution, Network Analytics, Carrier Compliance Solution, Digital Freight Matching Application, and Asset Utilisation Improvement Solutions.


Saksoft experts offer insights, guidance and solutions to address the complex needs. Saksoft DreamTMS framework serves as an accelerator to create a solution faster using SMAC. Our intelligent AI-based scheduling solutions help organisations to maximise the utility of assets like trucks, pilots, tugs, freight moving equipment and provide near real-time visibility.

Our Transportation and Logistics solutions add value to the customer business in the following ways:

  • Help 3PLs to get real-time visibility to the end-to-end supply chain, thereby enabling better agility to business

  • Saksoft’s immense experience in carrying out Testing and certification would enable the 3PL to change the level of operation to a higher orbit

  • Intelligent AI-based Scheduling Solutions, Maintenance Logs and providing Analytics about the utilisation of the assets will provide immense top-line and bottom-line benefits to Ports and Carriers