Thriving in this era of ‘Retail Disruption’

Retail disruption is gathering speed with growing ecommerce popularity, emerging retail channels, click-and-brick combination, omnichannel service, hybrid retail experiences and innovative delivery models coming together as forces reshaping retail. Reimagining retail is now a digital imperative for retailers to transform processes, customer experience and operations to sustain profitable business and thrive in this customer-driven world. The retail strategy now revolves around the ability to leverage proactive and pre-emptive analytics across business areas to achieve exceptional performance and gain competitive edge.

Thriving during this time of retail disruption means to make pre-emptive analytics work at every point of the customer journey – from reading the customer behavior, knowing what the customer wants in advance and getting 360-degree profile and promoting personalized experience to offering the best price and enabling seamless fulfillment.

With massive data volumes generated across customer touch points, supply chain and omnichannel service, retailers are pre-emptive in finding answers to complex questions that can help them promote personalized customer experiences, reap value from marketing efforts and sales.

  • How to increase sales of a product by understanding product affinities?

  • What marketing campaigns and for which channels?

  • Who are the customers about to churn?

  • Is this the optimal price for this customer?

  • What’s going to be the demand for this product in the next two months?

Saksoft augments retailers’ efforts to thrive in this era of retail disruption. Our pre-emptive analytics expertise help retailers to promote elevating customer experience and keep customers coming back. We help retailers acquire business intelligence, big data analytics and advanced analytics capabilities to get a 360-degree view of customer, create customized promotions and enable personalized customer experience. Our big data and advanced analytics solutions drive desired outcomes in retail areas including:
  • Customer 360-degree

  • Marketing analytics

  • Sales analytics

  • Demand Forecasting

  • Price Optimization

  • Social Listening and Trend Forecasting

  • Customer Journey Tracking

  • Fraud Detection and Prevention