Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chains are under tremendous strain, triggered by the rising pricing pressures, changing customer expectations, weakening profit margins and unceasing demand for increased efficiencies. Despite challenges, organizations turn to data to gain actionable intelligence and unlock value from supply chain. Supply chain analytics is empowering organizations to infuse actionable intelligence into decision-making.

Saksoft helps organizations gain the ability to tap into structured and unstructured data to acquire actionable intelligence, make accurate predictions and facilitate suitable recommendations. Our advanced analytics solutions help you measure and monitor KPIs and critical real-time events.

With machine learning, cognitive analytics, statistical modelling, predictive analytics driving supply chain functions,  we guide organizations transform supply chain in terms of better asset management, increased agility and  an intelligent supply chain driving sustainable growth. Saksoft helps organizations leverage predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to create supply chain turnaround by way of:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Deviation analysis
  • Inventory optimization
  • Fulfillment logistics optimization
  • Flow path optimization
  • Route optimization
  • Model scoring for stability and cost

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