Data Visualisation

Data visualization has moved from the static to interactive & dynamic visualizations augmenting visual analytics.  There is a need for every non-tech savvy user to consume data and visual analytics, adopt BI self-service model to make informed decisions. We help enterprises leverage data visualization and visual analytic as a key enabler to empower every enterprise user create actionable dashboard to solve business problems.

Harnessing NLP, we help you extract insights out of data visualizations, create a winning combo out of ‘data and context’ to promote personalized data visualizations.  Our data visualization experts carry rich experience in bridging the data sources and KPI divide, automating the process and empowering enterprise uses to create interactive dashboards to transform data into robust business intelligence.

With expertise in using leading tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, and Sisense, our consultants leverage the blend of visualization-driven analysis and data discovery to help organizations explore structured as well as unstructured data, get the most out of business intelligence, visual analytics, dashboards & reports, and self-service analytics.

Case Studies

A Transportation & Logistics services provider wanting to support Real-time Freight/Vehicle Tracking sought our data visualization expertise. With Tableau-powered reporting, they empowered the operations team to take advantage of real-time dashboards, and reap rewards from automated reporting.

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A Transport management solution provider wanted to speed up report generation insights as it consumed excessive time to deliver CFO insights. With the Sisense powered data-to-insights solution, insights were delivered in minutes rather than weeks.

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When a Public Services enterprise wanted to implement the Golden Customer concept, we helped them integrate data from disparate systems, tapped into PowerBI (cloud) for a Single Customer View dashboard, which helped the enterprise to run customer-orientated programs to win loyalty and enhance retention.

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