Data Management

Robust data management lays the course to critical and right business decisions. As organizations want to empower users with data democratization, promote self-service analytics, augment data security, our data management services help you to manage and get actionable insights from data of all types, modernize your data architecture, democratize data, apply effective data integration to transform data into asset.

Harnessing our Big data management and data engineering expertise, we build modern data management solutions to ensure enterprises create a strong data foundation to fuel BI and AI solutions and nurture data-driven intelligent decisions.

Our data management services assure highest data quality for all your business decisions. With an all-inclusive data management program, including data quality management, data governance, MDM, data architecture, data integration, metadata, data migration, DWH and data security, we ensure quality and reliability of your data.

Our data management services augment organizations to protect sensitive information, embed data democratization to promote empowered decision-making, enable streamlined data flow, and assure quality of insights. We build AI/ML powered solutions for managing data risks and assuring data protection.

Case Studies

A retailer weighed down by legacy data management and processing, leading to loss of time, incremental data mismatch, and customer issues. Getting to the root of the BI problem, we recommended and built DWH and interactive reports enabling seamless data-to-insights, better analysis, and improved store performance.

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A leading provider of digital offerings wanted to overcome the data dilemma – Brittle data pipeline to EDW leading to delay in responding to business’ data needs – We implemented the high-performance Snowflake-powered DWH that brought transformative changes in terms of near real-time ingestion, faster time to value. The result was that conversion rates increased with time-to-insights getting reduced to just minutes.

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For an automotive company, on-premises data architecture had laid hurdles to scale elastically in supporting reporting cycles and application performance. We re-architected the data solution on high-availability Snowflake with Data lake and Data warehouse. With reduction in data engineering efforts, the company took advantage of a modernized data and reporting environment creating more business value.

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An e-commerce agency realized the need to scale its data infrastructure to improve performance. We joined hands with the agency to execute the Brownfield conversion to SAP HANA Cloud. The agency has now gained a single repository to access, store, and process data in real time, and with it promote real-time data analysis and quick access to dashboards with live views.

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