Data Integration

Data silos lead to delay in generating insights, making informed business decisions.  With data integration fuelling analytics, data lakes, machine learning, Cloud and AI, we build data integration solutions to help enterprises eliminate data silos, acquire single-source-of-truth, enhance decision-making, improve customer experience, and drive innovation.

With expert data integration consulting encompassing MDM and data integration strategy, we roll out implementation to address the need to create an actionable ecosystem, complex integration, embed automation and build a centralized hub ensuring right information is available to the right person at the right time.

Our integration services help you realize the potentials of data to nurture better customer experiences and operational efficiency. With expertise in using modern data stacks entwined with our data engineering skills, we help build automated data pipelines to move critical data from different sources to data lake or data warehouse and ensure that your data is analytics-ready.

We employ ETL, ELT, and metadata driven ETL as data integration approaches based on our clients’ use cases and work with various data integration and ingestion tools including Microsoft, SAP, Informatica and other cloud stacks including AWS and Azure.

Case Studies

For a Public Health Services enterprise, data access to key teams only led to duplicated effort and excessive processing power, enhancing the risk of servers grinding to a halt. We created the turnaround with one single extract to load data into Azure SQL DB from several sources enabled by ADF pipelines, powered by metadata driven ETL, facilitating ‘near real-time’ extract process cutting down on the extraction time and enabling massive performance gains.

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Lacking consistency within systems and records, a Hometech enterprise turned to us to promote accuracy. We developed Azure Data Factory pipelines to establish sync between two critical systems, ensuring data consistency and accuracy, and empowering access to the most up-to-date information.

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A Fintech organization envisioning a Data Analytics platform sought our data integration expertise to bring critical data together for data analytics. Facilitating data storage in Amazon S3 bucket, we built Spark data pipeline for aggregating data in Amazon Redshift DWH and established automated data integration using PySpark. The accelerated insight journey guided the organization to drive impactful decisions.

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