Cloud Enablement

‘Cloud and Data’ have paired up to democratize data, accelerate data-driven innovation, and championed agility. And data is now the key to unlock analytics results, and ML & AI innovations.

We help you build flexible and agile data architecture underpinned by modern data architecture and powered by cloud data services. Achieve seamless on-prem to cloud by moving your BI tools to cloud or by establishing successful cloud data migration with our cloud enablement services.

With cloud data migration expertise, we help you migrate data to cloud based on critical factors including the data types that you want to move, use cases among other factors. While you want to improve data access and integration, promote seamless self-services, assure data security, and improve speed and performance, our cloud enablement services help you make the seamless transition to cloud data warehouses.

Our data architects modernize your data solutions with appropriate upgrade plan and help you meet evolving data and analytics demands, leveraging popular cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, GCP, and Snowflake.

Case Studies

A fashion apparel retailer wanted to create a cloud environment for the data center supporting 700+ users. With the right migration strategy, we facilitated the migration of their on-premise data center to Azure. Key takeaways include high availability environment with improved scalability and time-to-market.

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When the legacy system provoked intensive maintenance and administration, we helped a public services Healthcare institution to migrate its infrastructure to Azure, reduce the maintenance stress and make a sizeable saving with the new cloud data platform

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For a leading alarm signalling product company looking for a robust alternative to address the inadequate infrastructure handling overwhelming Poll and Alarm Calls data, we helped them make the cloud transition facilitating data migration to Azure DWH. Key outcomes included improved performance, reduction in maintenance costs with the transition from on-premises DWH server to Azure DWH.

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