Big Data analytics

The widening data sources including smart devices, IoT and GenerativeAI have made it even more challenging to manage big data. While correlations and patterns can be extracted from big data leveraging analytics, big data analytics has guided organizations to strengthen decision-making and facilitate seamless customer experience.

Saksoft offers full-blown big data analytics services encompassing consulting, big data strategy and roadmap, data engineering & infrastructure, analytics, data visualization, data security, and infrastructure maintenance & support to help organizations extract vital insights from big data and drive intelligent decision-making.

Leveraging the blend of our big data framework and open source technologies like Kafka, Spark and Hadoop, cloud technologies including AWS, Azure Data Lake, Azure Stream analytics, deep learning and machine learning, our big data practitioners help you tame massive data volumes, store, process, analyze data and extract actionable insights in real-time.

With cloud adoption enabling cost reduction and enhanced efficiency, our cloud-based big analytics services help you create scalable and robust solutions to handle huge workloads, facilitate data integration across numerous sources, eliminate siloes, and leverage advanced analytics to reap critical business insights.

Case Studies

When a HeathTech company lacked a single-source-of-truth covering patient details and an accurate reporting system, we helped them consolidate islands of data leveraging Data Lake and built an analytics platform promoting insight-driven patient services.

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When a Fintech company wanted to reduce the time and labour to pull financial asset performance and gain critical insights from data, we built the AWS powered data analytics platform encompassing a Data Lake and a DWH. The result was that the insight journey got reduced from hours to minutes empowering them to drive impactful decisions.

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