Saksoft Pilot Testing Programme

Saksoft will provide free testing services for a week, to showcase its testing capabilities. As a part of this programme, our expert team will engage with the customer and provide testing from Offshore. During this period, we will follow full-fledged testing techniques, process and domain expertise to perform pilot testing on your product.

What will be the Pilot testing approach?

Our approach for the Pilot Testing.

  1. Analysis of the requirements and the knowledge transfer of the application.
  2. Analysis of business flow and the end to end scenario of the application.
  3. Designing of Test plan and testing strategy.
  4. Designing of Test Scenarios and related test cases.
  5. Execution of the test cases.
  6. Analysis of the test case execution and provide feedback to the customer.

Who will be working on Pilot Testing?

Based on the testing requirement, one or more highly skilled resource will be engaged in the Pilot Testing process.

Does the customer have to pay anything for the Pilot testing?

No, the customers won’t be charged for the pilot testing.

Some processes which we follow before start of Pilot testing:

  1. Prospect approach to Saksoft business development person. He/she can drop a mail to with project information.
  2. Our representative will contact prospect within 24 hrs via mail/IM/Skype or phone.
  3. Customer fills our pilot testing form and submits it.
  4. Saksoft sends pilot testing proposal to prospect.
  5. Proposal gets approved.
  6. If required, NDA will be signed.
  7. After prospect signs off the agreement, Saksoft will start pilot testing.