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Retail industry has been though a lot of significant changes in the past few years. The increased number of technologies and smart devices has changed the customer behaviour, purchase channels and inventory management. Digital revolution has opened up a significant number of challenges to the retail industry especially with the fast growing presence of online retailers.


Digitization of retail industry was limited to Point-of-Sale and Barcode scanning systems that touched only the surface of the ‘actual’ digital experience. The real value proposition of digital transformation for retailers include:

  • Providing an end-to-end customer experience across the channels

  • Focused campaigns for product promotions, discounts, special offers etc.

  • Reduce cost and enhance visibility through better management of inventory and supply chain

  • Increase employee productivity through online communication

  • Centralized data management and  in-store analytics

Saksoft’s digital transformation solutions such as business intelligence, analytics, application development, mobile applications and cloud help retailers to coordinate in-store activities, facilitate employee communication, understand customer behaviour / buying patterns etc.

The redefined, digitally-enabled approach offers increased employee productivity, improved stock management, centralized data management, better customer insights, overall operational efficiency and coordination. Our extensive expertise and successful track record in domains such as e-commerce, logistics & supply chain helps to provide proven solutions to the retailers. 

Saksoft empowers manufacturers with

  • Continuous process improvement, efficient production and inventory management and competitive edge

  • Accelerated productivity and operational excellence through innovative solutions

  • Improved visibility of orders and efficient inventory management

  • Automation in all possible areas of manufacturing, reducing manual intervention and time consumption

  • Integration of all the internal applications enabling centralized data management and analytics