Organizations now rely on predictive data analytics to determine and influence future events and outcomes. Embedding predictive analytics into their business, organizations gain power of prediction leveraging statistical analysis and tools, predictive modelling, text analytics, forecasting and machine learning predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics for predicting future outcomes

Embedding Predictive analytics into business processes

Leveraging the gold mine of data, predictive data analytics enable organizations to make insightful future decisions across business scenarios, improve customer experience and gain competitive advantage. With modern techniques and tools, organizations can unearth real-time insights from historical data and predict future outcomes.

Harnessing machine learning predictive analytics, organizations seek to predict everything – everything around inventory, supply chain, customer experience and financial transactions – with analytics generating future insights with precision.

Our Predictive data analytics solutions

We provide predictive data analytics solutions to help you foresee events, adopt proactive approach to drive successful sales, marketing, supply chain and financial outcomes. Our team of predictive data analytics experts use robust analytics techniques and tools covering regression, forecasting, clustering, and classification and text analytics to help you maximize value from machine learning predictive analytics

Our data science experts determine critical variables as part of predictive data analytics, leverage big data platforms in translating data mining opportunities into predictive insights, and ensure reliable predictions result across business scenarios and functions. We help you leverage predictive modelling to achieve accurate projections and predictions of future events, outcomes and behaviours

With the grasp of your business requirement and comprehensive understanding of your dataset, we help you automate predictive modelling and deployment and solve complex business and data challenges using  analytics and deploying insights to make smarter decisions.

Our analytics models for augmenting business

We guide organizations implement analytics models across business scenarios to gain actionable insights, take profitable decisions and facilitate successful business outcomes.

Our analytics models encompass:

  • Customer churn prediction – Predicting customer churn using behavioural patterns, leveraging customer segmentation to identify at-risk customers

  • Sales forecasting – Generating accurate sales forecasts using predictive analytics

  • Fraud detection – Using Predictive analytics techniques for improving pattern detection and preventing criminal behaviour

  • Marketing campaign optimization – Leveraging predictive analytics to predict customer responses to marketing campaigns and increase campaign profitability

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  • Risk reduction – Building predictive models in way predictive data analytics is leveraged to determine if a buyer is likely

  • Customer lifetime value model – Using Predictive analytics for unearthing customers most likely to buy products

  • Predictive maintenance – Forecasting of failure of manufacturing or equipment parts

predictive data analytics

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