COVID erupted into Health crisis at first. As measures and means to fight COVID were being debated, businesses across the globe woke up to a ‘new normal’. They were gearing up to manage uncertainties, deal with complexities and tap into new opportunities.

Our Three-fold COVID Response

Most regions were locked up in Lockdowns. Every business had to act with the preamble of dealing with the new normal caused by the pandemic. Saksoft moved with proactive speed and initiated a three-fold COVID Response.  Every move it made resonated with the care it had been bestowing on Customers, Employees and Investors all along.


Health and safety of employees matter most to us. We have actively followed WHO guidelines, Indian Government and respective states’ directive and orders to integrate employee safety measures into our functioning amid this crisis.

Acting swiftly, Saksoft empowered employees with the Work from Home (WFH) option across all development centres, restricting employee travel whilst protecting business continuity. We equipped them with security-embedded laptops, put remote digital communication technologies at their disposal, and provided adequate hardware for them to serve clients and function without hurdles in this new normal. Making the most of Cloud technology, we encourage employees to benefit from secured access of information.


We acted fast in creating the Crisis Management Committee (Covid-19 Sub-Committee) to protect business continuity, service client needs pan-globally and improve customer satisfaction. The think-tank validated the respect for customer focus, came up with suitable measures to deepen focus and mitigate risk that would dampen client deliverables, which has reflected in the way we are delivering seamless and secure customer engagement across the globe.

The testimonial evidence came by way of the high client uptime in US & UK (99.5%). Our constant communication with our clients regarding developments in terms of our response also helped understand their concerns, take immediate and relevant measures, and earn their confidence and loyalty.

The significant increase in productivity of solutions delivery and sales teams have also worked to the advantage of our clients as we have also earned customer confidence in terms of ensuring that their data would remain secure and safe.


Saksoft has guarded the interests of investors by focusing, brainstorming, and taking measures to protect the balance sheet. We put our focus on cost rationalization to safeguard investment and have taken proactive measures to ensure that we help investors generate good returns. It is more about outmaneuvering uncertainties, turning challenges into opportunities and enabling profitable resource utilization wherein Saksoft is also working diligently to protect client base and realizations at this hour of crisis.