Today, it is the empowered, omnichannel shopper who decides where, when and how he wants to purchase products – he takes the reins to decide where and when he wants to communicate, interact with companies and brands. The omnichannel shopper now uses different channels before making the final purchase, and the customer expects nothing short of seamless experience across the different channels, be it physical channels or digital channels.

Omnichannel Analytics

As physical and digital boundaries seem to fall apart, omnichannel customer experience has grown into the in thing today. Empowered customers now see fit to use the channel of their choice, from mobile, social media, call center, websites, and in-store to other channels to interact with brands.

That sets companies to work with massive amount of data across touchpoints and channels. Making omnichannel analytics work to their advantage then drives companies to break down the physical-digital barriers, use customer data across multiple channels to understand customer journey, improve customer experience and operations.

What does omnichannel analytics offer?

By leveraging omnichannel analytics, using customer data across channels along with other relevant data like the product and service data, companies extract value by:

  • Gaining a 360-degree view of the customer

  • Promoting personalized omnichannel experiences

  • Predicting customer behavior and preferences

  • Designing ‘customer experience’ as envisioned by the customer

  • Promoting personalized recommendations and offers

  • Optimizing supply chain and operations

At Saksoft, we help companies overcome omnichannel challenges – from implementing omnichannel strategy to bridging the physical-digital divide and making the most of omnichannel data – to delight customers and champion the omnichannel cause as envisioned by customers.  We help companies use advanced analytics-powered omnichannel analytics proactively to extract value from massive amounts of omnichannel data and make intelligent business decisions.

With our omnichannel analytics solutions, we guide companies to achieve the following and reap tangible benefits:

  • Optimize inventory levels to meet changing demands

  • Increase speed to insights

  • Determine demand across channels

  • Enhance marketing ROI

  • Increase campaign effectiveness

  • Deliver customer-envisioned customer service

  • Make the transition to a channel-agnostic company

  • Enable price optimization channel-wise