Marketing Analytics

Customers today have a great choice of channels to communicate with brands. Marketers always look out for avenues to generate more value on their marketing investments or simply ROI. With more channels to promote customer engagement, organizations have abundant data to extract intelligence and enhance marketing effectiveness. The challenge lies in integrating data across channels and derive actionable intelligence from the data.

Saksoft understands the pain of CMOs and have bespoke solutions to understand your audience and entice them to buy. We help you gather data across marketing channels, extract actionable intelligence by making robust analytical models act on data to nurture profitable marketing outcomes. Saksoft guides you to gain a predictive and holistic view of the productivity enabled by your marketing spend. Our consultants leverage advanced analytics techniques including Statistical Modelling, Machine Learning algorithms and Advanced Data Visualization to enable informed decision making and effective marketing execution.

With robust analytical models driving intelligence from the right dataset, we help you make better customer predictions and better decisions associated with marketing spend. Our marketing analytics expertise guides organizations to accelerate successful outcomes in areas including:

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Customer Acquisition

  • Customer Retention

  • Marketing Mix

  • Branding

  • Pricing Strategy

  • Social Media

  • Promotion Strategy

  • Multi-channel Marketing

  • New Product/Service Development

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Marketing Automation vs Marketing Analytics

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