From early days, manufacturing industry has constantly changed with technology evolution.  Manufacturers across the globe are trying to reduce operational expenses, achieve optimum resource utilization and continuous process improvement. The question asked is, “What is the best strategy to make optimum use of the latest technologies? Where should I invest for maximum ROI?”


Smart factories with integrated supply chain ecosystems, strategic focus on customer experience and leveraging data insights will help them overcome the challenges.

Saksoft helps manufacturing customers to redefine the strategies and aligning them with the dynamic environment. We build applications that streamline processes, increase efficiency and build a roadmap towards Digital Transformation. Our IoT expertise will help you to optimize your supply chain and streamline processes for better operational efficiency. The technologies deployed enhance the inventory turns and reduce cost by optimizing the supply chain through efficient data management. In short, we help build smart factories.

Saksoft empowers manufacturers with

  • Continuous process improvement, efficient production and inventory management and competitive edge

  • Accelerated productivity and operational excellence through innovative solutions

  • Improved visibility of orders and efficient inventory management

  • Automation in all possible areas of manufacturing, reducing manual intervention and time consumption

  • Integration of all the internal applications enabling centralized data management and analytics