Managed Analytics

Saksoft’ s team of analytics experts work with you to determine what analytics results matter most and how we can help you to achieve critical analytical results. From leveraging analytics technologies and augmenting analytics capabilities to sustaining analytics investments, Saksoft’ s Managed Analytics as a Service spans the analytics spectrum and guides organizations to accelerate the data-to-insights-to-action journey. Our Managed services factories encompass Reporting, Scripting, Data Science and System Management that work to the advantage of our customers in terms of achieving upgrades and enhancements, leveraging ETL and ELT, using machine learning and AI to address critical business problems and promoting optimized system performance.

Our Manged Analytics Offerings

Data Science Factory

  • Business Problem Evaluation

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Preparation

  • Modelling

  • Results Evaluation

  • Productionize

Systems Management

  • Monitoring

  • Service Desk

  • Infra, App. Process Automation

  • Triage Management

  • Reporting/client communication

Reporting / Scripting Factory

  • Business Support

  • Migration / Upgrade

  • Enhancement

  • R&D Innovation

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