Intelligent Automation

We help customers take advantage of the pivotal combo of Artificial Intelligence and automation to achieve transformational changes by way of intelligent decisions, improved efficiency and productivity, enriched customer experience and service innovation. Creating a winning blend out of automation and modern technologies such as RPA, machine learning, IoT and Artificial Intelligence, we accelerate your digital transformation and apply intelligent automation to solve your business problems.

Our Capabilities

Case Studies

Automation solution to capture and store data in a spread sheet.

The company visits individual manufacturing websites to collect and verify rates, sizes, variants, specifications, products in catalogue etc and also check the competitor’s rates. Our solution using RPA helped automate the entire process, improve data analytics, market intelligence

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Predictive analytics to reduce customer churn

A Leading Telecommunication company wanted to read the early signs of customer churn and act to improve retention. Our predictive analytics solution helped the client use sustainable strategy for customer retention, reduce churn and enhance profit

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AI based recovery scenarios

We Integrated AI based recovery scenarios into our UNITE framework to eliminate empower automation scripts to self- heal whenever a locator on the page was missing. This eliminated the false failures due to locator changes and application timeout issues.

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Track & Trace shipment status

Our solution using RPA reads the BOL numbers from a container file, creates bots to extract information like vessel arrival date, container unloaded from vessel, container gate out from terminal date, empty container return date, and stores all the required data in a Database to be presented in web applications.

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