We help customers take advantage of the pivotal combo of Artificial Intelligence and automation to achieve transformational changes by way of intelligent decisions, improved efficiency and productivity, enriched customer experience and service innovation. Creating a winning blend out of automation and modern technologies such as RPA, machine learning, IoT and Artificial Intelligence, we accelerate your digital transformation and apply intelligent automation to solve your business problems.

Intelligent Automation

Robotics Process Automation

Enterprises looking into the future are making the most of Robotic Process Automation to facilitate intelligent automation, step up performance, transform into an agile organization and gain competitive capabilities. With an intelligent automation mindset, we have designed an Intelligent Automation Framework that takes every aspect of transformation into consideration. Be rest assured that our bots interpret, learn and improve continuously, trigger responses and communicate with other systems and perform a vast variety of repetitive tasks with zero error.

Case Study

A global supply chain company that works with multiple carriers had to manually visit multiple web sources, enter a BOL/Tracking number to get shipment information. Our solution using UI Path reads the BOL numbers from a container file, creates bots to extract information like vessel arrival date, container unloaded from vessel, container gate out from terminal date, empty container return date, and stores all the required data in a Database to be presented in web applications.

Data Analytics

Analytics has now become a top priority to augment informed decision-making and transform into intelligent enterprises. Saksoft’ s intelligent analytics framework leverages big data, intelligent algorithms and advanced analytics to address industry-specific needs, problems and use cases and measure key performance indicators.

Our Advanced analytics solutions empower organizations to employ AI, intelligent algorithms, pattern recognition, machine learning, predictive modelling, behavioural modelling to strengthen informed decision making across supply chain, customer, sales, marketing, risk, finance and workforce domains.

Case Study

A Public sector organization responsible for higher education wanted to reduce processing time of reports and leverage sentiment analysis. Our advanced analytics solution enabled data scraping for sentiment-analysis/word-clouts and reduction in execution time from 8 hours to 12 minutes.

Internet of Things

With millions of smart devices getting added every day, it is imperative for organizations to leverage data from these devices for endless business possibilities. Our Internet of Things (IoT) Solution road map guarantees to meet your long-term goals of scalability, ease of use, security and business growth. We help to implement or migrate your solution to a secured cloud platform and also integrate the existing business system with IoT based systems facilitating end-to-end services comprising implementation & integration, data management, infrastructure setup, analytics, IoT security, support & maintenance.

Case Study

The owners of the factory were not able to see the performance of the grain sorting machine. The other big challenge was for the service engineers to do remote troubleshooting to fix problems. Developed an end to end solution which did monitoring of machines, remote access using custom protocols, CRM module to manage problems and incidents along with a chat system, mobile application, reporting and stats. Completely removed the need for factory owner to setup VPN access

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning algorithms have emerged as the most fitting analytical models for extracting actionable intelligence from big data. Our Data Science experts make the most of open source machine learning frameworks to deploy solutions addressing specific business problems. From data understanding, data preparation and modelling to deployment, Saksoft supports end-to-end machine learning processes and leverages Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) architecture to ensure speed and performance.

Case Study

The client wanted to automate loan approval process for securing quick deals. Our machine learning driven customer segmentation and loan approval automation helped increase approved loan applications.

Test Automation

The digital era dictates rapid responses to meet evolving business requirements and rapid releases of new functionalities to embrace most-modern application development. Our test automation experts apply the most-modern techniques such as Robotic test automation, AI-based automation and use home-grown Test automation frameworks to increase release velocity, augment testing efforts and reduce time to market.

Powered by Saksoft Test Assurance Maturity Process (STAMP) and our UNITE and QuAK test automation frameworks as well as our Testing Centre of Excellence is well equipped to handle varied customer testing scenarios covering automation for functionality, performance, stress, volume, and load tests and use appropriate tools to ensure superior ROI.

Case Study

One of the leading Indian bank was looking for an automation solution, which required a huge amount of test data build up and some repetitive tasks with multiple validation points, involving multiple backend and frontend systems. Conducted a POC by Implementing Robotic test automation using an industry leading robotic solution – “UI Path”. One of the workflow created validated the system entries with the digital forms received from the customers in a pdf format.