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a. SAK Analytics-as-a-service Platform: 

Data stored in siloes, disparate analytics solutions have only led to a disjointed and a cumbersome data-to-insights-to action journey. With the transition from big data to actionable intelligence posing more challenges, compounded by the complexity involved in managing infrastructures and tools to derive meaningful insights, organizations have turned their focus to a valid alternative – Analytics-as-a-service.

Saksoft’s Analytics-as-a-service platform empowers organizations to embed insight-driven decisions and actions as part of everyday business. Our Analytics-as-a-service platform helps in bringing your company data, usage data and syndicated data together to speed up time to insights. Whether organizations want to drive business benchmarking, business process improvement or business productivity, our Analytics-as-a-service platform enables organizations to realize their business goals.

At Saksoft, big data experts and industry experts ensure that organizations leverage the best-fit analytics relevant to their industry, organization and market and accelerate the data to insights journey, achieve breakthrough results.


What organizations achieve with our Analytics-as-a-service platform:

  • Single Analytical Platform: Leverage our platform to create an integrated data hub, get immediate access to data that matters, facilitate self-service analytics for business users to make a quick transition from data to intelligence to action. Data is not locked in siloes anymore.
  • Reduced data-to-insights journey cost:  By eliminating capital investment, our Analytics-as-a-service platform help you reduce data-to-insights journey cost. Do away with the costs involved in laying the data pipeline taking business users from data to intelligence delivery.
  • Accelerated time to intelligence: From data ingestion to intelligence delivery to visualization, speed up time to intelligence and transform insight delivery from hours to minutes.

b. SAK CXO Dashboard:

Retailers know that leveraging big data and advanced analytics is the key to thriving in this competitive world. Retail has evolved into a data-rich environment while retailers focus on accelerating the data to insights to action journey.

Where empowering decision makers with relevant actionable intelligence is now a prerequisite for success, retailers face the challenge of making right intelligence available to the right individual at the right time.  Going beyond the standard, traditional reporting to embed customized role-based reports, insights and visualization into the organization, retailers seek to empower role-based users with relevant performance indicators, intelligence and analytics views to achieve specific business objectives and goals.

At Saksoft, domain and analytics experts have come up with the CXO dashboard to help retailers transform data to promote role-based intelligence and visualization. With the robust analytical engine and visualization, CXO dashboard accelerates time to intelligence, allows users to gain, view and act based on intelligence specific to their roles.

What you can do with CXO Dashboard?

  • CXO dashboard can be integrated with Oracle retail, SAP retail and Magento or any other existing retail systems
  • Business users can understand data as their role demands, gain actionable intelligence relevant and specific to them
  • Role-based users can create analytics views that matter to them