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Big data is considered as the most important “asset” of organizations today. If used the right way, it could be the ‘holy-grail’ to growth and revenue generation. Any successful organization is fuelled by strong data management, instant access to insightful data and proactive approach. Data Analytics plays a huge role in making sense out of data.


These answers could be anything from real-time analytics, consumer behaviour, future market trend, financial insights etc. With the right amount of meaningful analytics, big data can deliver multi-dimensional insights, hidden patterns and bigger results.

Saksoft’s extensive experience in information management and data analytics help organizations replace their traditional business tools with advanced analytics.

We offer the following solutions that aid your business:

Descriptive Analytics (A look into the past):

Through descriptive analytics, organizations’ summarize past data such as consumer purchase patterns, percentage changes or averages. It could be applied to various departments such as production, inventory, finance, marketing, sales etc.

Predictive Analytics  (A window to the future):

Through predictive analytics, organizations’ collect data from CRM, ERP, HR and other systems to make predictions on various factors such as forecasting consumer behaviour, sales & marketing trends, supply chain & inventory activities and operations.

Prescriptive Analytics ( A list of potential outcomes):

Organizations’ use this relatively new field of analytics to get a list of probable outcomes to a new initiative by using historical data, real-time feed, big data and behavioural patterns. This reduces ambiguity around a particular action and provides better clarity. Prescriptive analytics can be used for optimized production, inventory management etc.


We help our customers to make sense out of data through aesthetic dashboards and meaningful graphics (Charts, Infographic etc.). Our delivery model offers big value to business, provides actionable intelligence and boosts decision-making.

Our Solutions

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Fraud & Security Intelligence

  • In-memory Analytics

  • Big data Intelligence

  • Customer Intelligence

  • Data Management & Insight