Business Intelligence (BI) guides organizations to extract insights from data. Keeping Business Intelligence at the core, organizations want to support data-driven decisions. With robust Business Intelligence tools facilitating rapid collection, integration as well as analysis of business data, empowering people with insights enabled by Business intelligence software is a top requisite to optimize outcomes and deliver successful results.
Business Intelligence

Business intelligence for detailed intelligence

Saksoft helps leverage business intelligence for analyzing data and gaining insights via graphs, charts, dashboards, reports and summaries. We leverage our partnerships with business intelligence vendors such as Microsoft and SAP and expertise in using Business intelligence tools to collate data into a data mart or data warehouse and help organizations gain descriptive as well as predictive insights into business operations. Our business intelligence solutions built on robust BI software help make the most of data visualization, business intelligence reporting and interactive analyses.

Our business intelligence offerings

Our business intelligence services span BI processes covering BI reporting, data mining, descriptive analytics, performance metrics, statistical analysis, querying, data discovery & preparation, and data visualization. Leveraging business intelligence tools, our BI offerings include:

  • Data warehousing – Enabling business intelligence and analytics by leveraging robust ETL tools and building high performing data warehouses

  • Master Data Management (MDM) – MDM solutions for transforming master data into valuable asset driving business intelligence and successful outcomes.

  • Data integration & Data Migration – Employ ETL tools like MS-SSIS, Talend and Informatica to integrate data from disparate sources and gain unified view of data supporting BI and analytics. BI migration encompassing migration of on-premise data warehouse to cloud, legacy BI migration to cloud BI, and enabling data migration to make the transition to newer BI platform

  • Data Quality – Business intelligence augmented by clean, standardized, enriched and trusted data across the organization.

  • Data Governance – Managing data effectively via business intelligence content lifecycle management, master data management, centralized data, data security and privacy – maximize value from data, augment regulatory reporting, reduce risk and enhance productivity

  • Data warehouse modernization – Augment BI by modernizing Data Warehouse environment to meet evolving business requirements and goals and promote faster analytics results.

  • Data discovery & Data visualization – Extraction of right data as data discovery for right data investigations; Make visualization an integral part of BI reporting and analytics via insightful reports and dashboards

Business intelligence for smarter, data-driven decisions

We help organizations maximize value from BI in terms of tracking performance, optimizing operations, analyzing customer behavior, identifying trends, and opportunities to increase profits. Our BI solutions empower organizations to break down data barriers, use centralized repositories, leverage data mining, build reports and dashboards to strengthen business intelligence, business metrics & key performance indicators, and take smarter decisions.

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