Saksoft’s Big data solutions – For rapid acceleration from big data to barrier-less data to actionable intelligence to monetization

Today, data-to-actionable intelligence-to-monetization has become an enterprise journey that is more complex and challenging. Organizations are inundated with data of all types with data flowing from disparate sources, creating the opportunity to turn big data into a valuable asset. The key to extracting actionable intelligence from big data analytics lies in acquiring the ability to overcome barriers – process-related, physical and organizational data barriers, stovepipes and data silos.


For organizations, it is of paramount importance to bring internal and external data together, manage data-in-motion to accelerate data to intelligence cycle while creating adequate infrastructure and leveraging big data technologies underpin organizational efforts to harness big data and analytics, and drive business outcomes and revenue generation.

Saksoft helps organizations lay the right data and analytical foundation to seek actionable intelligence from big data solutions. Our big data services leverage emerging technologies to strengthen enterprise analytics capabilities and accelerate time to intelligence, guide organizations to make the most of big data and business analytics to realize new possibilities and achieve growth.

We help organizations reap value from big data analytics services by:

  • Defining end-to-end big data architecture
  • Leveraging our big data frameworks created to meet unique domain needs
  • Creating KPIs based on organizational needs
  • Deploying/scaling big data analytics solutions
  • Using big data solutions accelerators

Saksoft accelerates big data solutions implementation with the in-house built, off-the-shelf framework, allowing organizations across industries and sectors to speed up the big data to actionable intelligence journey. With our big data services, organizations achieve a quick transition to analytics-driven enterprise.

Our big data analytics offerings include:

Big Data

Data Lakes: 

Organizations grappling with the big data explosion realize the need for a strong data foundation to harness huge volumes of data. Saksoft’s data lake solutions augment the enterprise need to embrace a cost-effective way of capturing data from disparate sources, optimizing storage and enabling real-time access to data.

Saksoft helps organizations implement data lake solutions that simplify data ingestion, reduce storage cost and accelerate time to insights. Leveraging technologies such as Hadoop, AWS EMR, splunk, Amazon Redshift, Cloudera and Spark, we help enterprises maximize value from data lake environments, accelerate analytics and extract real time intelligence.

Data consumers take advantage of our data lake solutions to leverage data and drive business critical initiatives such as personalized customer experiences, customer 360-degree, fraud detection, service innovation and data monetization.

Choosing Saksoft data lake solution has the following advantages:

  • Easy access to structured and unstructured data and assured data quality for successful outcomes
  • Faster, targeted informed decisions
  • Greater agility in building analytical models
  • Reduced costs and improved transparency

Stream processing: 

For organizations, it pays to capture and analyze unending flow of information from transactions, devices and operations. Organizations now deal with torrents of streaming data that can open doors to opportunities, raise alarms when certain thresholds are crossed.

With Saksoft’s stream processing expertise, organizations gain the ability to analyze data-in-motion, exact actionable information and take immediate action. Leveraging Kafka, Flume Spark and Storm toolsets, big data consultants ensure data ingestion from disparate sources, speed and performance of streaming data to generate actionable intelligence.

In-memory/ Real-time data processing:

Empowered with speed, business users can accelerate the journey from information to insights to action to drive desired outcomes. Where speed makes a big difference in providing the ‘next best offer’ or detecting fraud, real-time data processing assumes greater significance. Today, businesses rely on real-time data processing and analytics to tap into the potentials of data flowing in real-time and accelerate successful outcomes.

Our team of big data consultants bring their expertise in using Hadoop, Flink, Spark, Kafka and Flume to the fore to help organizations realize the potential of real-time data processing. For organizations that want to use data streams to accelerate action or predict events, we help them take advantage of in-memory processing to transform their decision making. Leveraging technologies such as Apache Ignite and Spark, we help organizations extract value from in-memory processing and optimize processing of datasets in real time.

Streaming Analytics:

The ‘Act Now on Data’ has become a must-embrace paradigm for organizations to seek real-time intelligence from streaming data. Organizations rest faith on streaming analytics to make sense out of data flowing from sensors, devices, applications, social media feeds, websites and other sources, move from streaming data to insights to action in quick time. With real-time insights from data in motion, organizations unearth opportunities hidden in the fast data streams to improve customer experience, strengthen fraud prevention and improve brand loyalty.

Saksoft architects streaming analytics for data streams flowing from devices, sensors, logs, click-streams, applications and websites among other sources to deliver real-time insights triggering actions.  Our streaming analytics solutions help you analyze streaming data – text, unstructured data, video, audio, sensor, and applications – and nurture real-time decisions.

Our big data consultants help you implement robust models and architecture, leverage real time streaming analytics to gain insights driving desired business outcomes. With reliability, scalability and performance in mind, Saksoft architects real time streaming analytics solutions that help organizations make the most of time-sensitive opportunities.

Our streaming analytics solutions help organizations to:

  • Enable real-time analytics using Complex Event Processing
  • Compare multiple streams flowing from devices, sensors and applications to deliver live intelligence
  • Build real-time dashboards

Our Solutions

  • Data Management

  • Multi-dimensional Aggregation & Allocation

  • Data Tagging & Standardization

  • Extract-Transfer-Load (ETL) process

  • Centralized Repositories or Data warehouse

  • Real-time Reporting with analytical alerts

  • Data Mart

  • Key performance indicators (KPI) optimization

  • Version Control & Process Management

  • Risk Management & Insights

Tools and Technologies

  • MS SQL Server Integration Services

  • MS SQL Server DBMS

  • MS SQL Server Analysis Services

  • MS SQL Server Reporting Services

  • MS Power BI

  • MS SharePoint

  • Web Apps / Browsers / Mobile

  • ETL Solutions

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