Is your enterprise a forte of predictions, prescriptions and intelligent action?

Today, advanced analytics has grown into a top priority for organizations to foster informed decision-making and intelligence enterprises. With a whole range of decisions driving business operations, every decision that an organization determines the success of business outcomes. In this era of empowered customers and hyper-connectivity, organizations must make smart, fast and informed decisions to improve their bottom line and take lead over competition.


With the digital economy demanding agile and real-time decisions, it is now an absolute imperative for organizations to leverage big data, intelligent algorithms and advanced analytics to gain predictive insights, optimize business processes, and make better and faster decisions to outperform competition.

 For organizations, data is now a critical asset to find answers to queries and address specific business problems.

  • Who are the customers who are about to churn?
  • What measures to take to strike a sync between purchase and sales?
  • How to make Just in Time supply possible?
  • What are the channels to leverage for this marketing campaign?

Leveraging advanced analytics techniques such as big data analytics, prescriptive analytics, machine learning algorithms and statistical modelling, organizations extract actionable intelligence from data and find answers to their business problems. Thriving in the digital age means using big data and advanced analytics as a strategic asset to gain real time cues, extract new value from actionable intelligence. Accurate, targeted and faster decisions have become the keystone for accelerating digital transformation.

How we do it

Saksoft’s advanced analytics solutions facilitate the transition from data to analytics to informed decision-making enterprise –  Whether it is about decisions regarding product recommendations or about mergers or other strategic decisions, we help you embed big data and advanced analytics into your operations, interactions, transactions and processes, factor data into decision making, foresee what is going to happen, predict and take insightful decisions to bring about desired business outcomes.

Tools/Techniques we leverage

Our Advanced analytics solutions empower organizations to employ intelligent algorithms, pattern recognition, machine learning, predictive modelling, behavioral modelling to strengthen informed decision making across supply chain, customer, sales, and risk, finance and workforce domains.

We help organizations take advantage of advanced analytics to drive:

  • Demand forecasting

  • Price optimization

  • Supply chain optimization

  • Marketing mix optimization

  • Personalized offers

  • Fraud detection and protection

  • Product recommendations

  • Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

  • Customer service improvement

  • Operational efficiency

At Saksoft, advanced analytics team leverages scalable accelerators to address industry-specific needs, problems and use cases and measure key performance indicators.  Through accelerators employed as plug-and-play model, our team enables quick deployment and accelerates time to intelligent decisions. Saksoft creates actionable intelligence value for your organization by enabling you to:

  • Leverage data analysis solutions, machine learning techniques and statistical modelling to unlock value from big data analytics
  • Enable proactive decisions through forecasting, predictive analytics algorithms and text analytics
  • Improve visibility and make accurate predictions
  • Make right products available at the right places
  • Offer customers what they want, when they want it
  • Fix problems proactively before they can happen
  • Explore new business opportunities

Our advanced analytics offerings include

Forward-looking organizations rely on data to extract foresight, look forward with a fact-based vision to determine and deal with the future course of events. The need to make actionable intelligence driven predictions about future events is what that inspires organizations to embed predictive analytics into their business. Gaining ability to predict future events, assess future course of actions, understand the risk associated with decisions and evaluate outcomes give organizations the lead to seize competitive advantage and increase their bottom line.

Saksoft provides predictive analytics solutions that lay the groundwork for turning data into revenue. Our predictive analytics solutions empower business users to foresee events upfront, take proactive measures to respond to challenges and take advantage of future trends.

Whether you want to predict customer demand and churn, detect and prevent fraud, pinpoint up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, optimize marketing campaigns or reduce risks, our Data Science team helps automate predictive modelling and deployment to turn challenges into profitable business outcomes. Our in-house experts get a grasp of your business requirements, leverage appropriate predictive analytics techniques covering the following to maximize value from predictive analytics.

  • Forecasting
  • Regression
  • Classification
  • Clustering
  • Machine learning
  • Text analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • Decision tree models
  • Neural networks
  • Prescriptive analytics

With the predictive power to know future events in advance, organizations turn to prescriptive analytics to determine right actions that can trigger desired outcomes. Prescriptive analytics empowers organizations to take advantage of recommended actions, seize future opportunities, nurture proactive recommendations and gain control over business outcomes.

Saksoft helps you do more than just modelling future events. We help you maximize value from prescriptive analytics by evaluating different actions and embracing the optimal choice to prompt desired outcomes. We build and deploy prescriptive analytics models guiding you to automate decisions, embed decision analytics via coherent KPIs to track and measure automated decisions.

Our Data Science team helps organizations employ prescriptive analytics model across inventory management, price optimization, supply chain optimization, marketing mix optimization, production planning, distribution planning and financial planning to transform decision making through recommended actions.

By combining decision modeling, mathematical modelling, simulation, optimization, machine learning algorithms, streaming analytics and predictive analytics, we help you nurture best actions accelerating successful outcomes.

Machine learning algorithms have emerged as the best-suited analytical models for extracting actionable intelligence from big data. Saksoft guides organizations to harness the power of machine learning algorithms, transform data into competitive advantage.

Saksoft implements machine learning algorithms for organizations to detect patterns and anomalies and accelerate time to intelligence. Extracting value from big data, our machine learning specialists enable real-time data mining and speed up intelligence delivery with the best-suited machine learning algorithms.

From data understanding, data preparation and modelling to deployment, Saksoft supports end-to-end machine learning processes and leverages Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) architecture to ensure speed and performance. At Saksoft, consultants leverage a wide range of algorithms and models to help organizations address critical business problems and needs, including:

  • Decision Trees and Random Forest
  • Regression models
  • Clustering
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Reinforcement Learning algorithms
  • Deep learning
  • Hidden Markov models
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Dimensionality Reduction algorithms

Combining expertise in Python and R and experience in applying machine learning algorithms on data, our Data Science experts help organizations trigger desired business outcomes. Our consultants make the most of open source machine learning frameworks including TensorFlow, Spark ML, scikit-learn and Apache Spark MLlib to provide advanced analytics solutions. We use machine learning algorithms to augment the following outcomes including Sales forecasting, Customer data interpretation, Fraud detection, Sentiment analysis, Behavior tacking, Personalized customer offers, and Customer churn detection.

In this data-driven economy, organizations have enough data to work with, more ways to extract actionable intelligence from data. Growing data volumes have made statistical modelling valuable and effective to transform data into insightful decisions. Saksoft augments enterprise decision making by leveraging mathematical models to help predict the impact of possible decisions.

Statistical thinking is at the core of our Data Science practice. Our team helps organizations get the most out of heterogeneous data sources, takes advantage of model-based predictions and promotes data-based strategic decisions. The team at Saksoft is well versed in using a range of frameworks for statistical modeling including:

  • Clustering
  • Predictive modelling
  • Scoring
  • Recommendation systems
  • Market segmentation
  • Time series
  • Attribution modeling
  • Supervised classification

Data science and domain experts work closely with organizations to understand business problems, deploy statistical modelling techniques to create positive influences on future outcomes.  We leverage statistical modeling to strengthen areas including Capacity planning, Demand forecasting, Inventory management, Customer behavior analysis, Social media analytics, Consumer segmentation and Promotion spend optimization.

Today, organizations rely on big data to find answers to complex, daunting questions that range from finding suspicious activity or behavior, unearthing what caused churn and retention to discovering malicious user behavior. With the Quantitative and Behavioral Modeling, organizations embrace quantitative approach to unearth relations among different situations where behavior is controlled.

Saksoft helps organizations leverage Quantitative and Behavioral Modelling to go beyond the traditional quantitative analytics, not stopping with what users are doing but going beyond to unearth how the action is performed and why the action is performed. Leveraging Hidden Markov Models, we help you understand behavior form data. Our advanced analytics solution help organizations to acquire the ability to predict behaviors, identify strategies that can be used to influence behaviors towards desired outcomes.

Driving positive future business outcomes is now critical to outperform competition, secure competitive lead in the future. Thriving in the future starts with knowing what is likely to happen in the future and knowing what assured steps can help create desired outcomes. Whether it is sales, product or revenue, forecasting and optimization have grown into critical forces driving an organization’s success.

Data Scientists at Saksoft help organizations anticipate the future by applying statistical techniques on data to help them visualize patterns, build predictive models and simulate scenarios. At Saksoft, we leverage technologies like R and Python to build forecasting models that help organizations meet desired objectives.

Taking advantage of a range of forecasting techniques, we help you to forecast demand in every business area that becomes critical to your decision-making. We leverage a wide range of forecasting techniques to address specific business requirements, which include:

  • Linear regression
  • Logistic regression
  • Multiple regression
  • Exponential smoothing
  • Time-series

Saksoft helps organizations get the most out of optimization – We help you leverage optimization techniques to determine the best possible decision that can yield success. Our optimization solutions serve well to strengthen decision-making and allow organizations to achieve key performance goals.

Smarter systems drive smarter decisions in this data-driven economy. Smarter systems are not only learning from data but are also perfecting human capabilities like thinking, learning, deducting and decision-making to accelerate time to intelligence. Cognitive analytics empowers organizations to go from big data to smarter decisions, transform business value and benefits.

Saksoft’s’ cognitive analytics combines Machine Learning, NLP and advanced algorithms to extract real-time intelligence from vast tracts of information. We help organizations apply cognitive analytics in the areas of customer service, fraud detection, risk assessment, production and supply chain to create ‘thinking processes ‘and transform decision-making.

What we do with cognitive analytics?

  • Build intelligent chatbots harnessing cognitive analytics
  • Embed cognitive analytics in recommendations, trends, products and fraud detection, pricing, production and supply chain and services
  • Drive streamlined operations by discovering inefficiencies
  • Leverage cognitive analytics to promote personalized customer experience
  • Use NLP for identifying patterns and performing sentiment analysis

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