Is your enterprise a forte of predictions, prescriptions and intelligent action?

Today, advanced analytics has grown into a top priority for organizations to foster informed decision-making and intelligence enterprises. With a whole range of decisions driving business operations, every decision that an organization determines the success of business outcomes. In this era of empowered customers and hyper-connectivity, organizations must make smart, fast and informed decisions to improve their bottom line and take lead over competition.

With the digital economy demanding agile and real-time decisions, it is now an absolute imperative for organizations to leverage big data, intelligent algorithms and advanced analytics to gain predictive insights, optimize business processes, and make better and faster decisions to outperform competition.

 For organizations, data is now a critical asset to find answers to queries and address specific business problems.

  • Who are the customers who are about to churn?
  • What measures to take to strike a sync between purchase and sales?
  • How to make Just in Time supply possible?
  • What are the channels to leverage for this marketing campaign?

Leveraging advanced analytics techniques such as big data analytics, prescriptive analytics, machine learning algorithms and statistical modelling, organizations extract actionable intelligence from data and find answers to their business problems. Thriving in the digital age means using big data and advanced analytics as a strategic asset to gain real time cues, extract new value from actionable intelligence. Accurate, targeted and faster decisions have become the keystone for accelerating digital transformation.

How we do it

Saksoft’s advanced analytics solutions facilitate the transition from data to analytics to informed decision-making enterprise –  Whether it is about decisions regarding product recommendations or about mergers or other strategic decisions, we help you embed big data and advanced analytics into your operations, interactions, transactions and processes, factor data into decision making, foresee what is going to happen, predict and take insightful decisions to bring about desired business outcomes.

Tools/Techniques we leverage

Our Advanced analytics solutions empower organizations to employ intelligent algorithms, pattern recognition, machine learning, predictive modelling, behavioral modelling to strengthen informed decision making across supply chain, customer, sales, and risk, finance and workforce domains.

We help organizations take advantage of advanced analytics to drive:

  • Demand forecasting

  • Price optimization

  • Supply chain optimization

  • Marketing mix optimization

  • Personalized offers

  • Fraud detection and protection

  • Product recommendations

  • Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

  • Customer service improvement

  • Operational efficiency

At Saksoft, advanced analytics team leverages scalable accelerators to address industry-specific needs, problems and use cases and measure key performance indicators.  Through accelerators employed as plug-and-play model, our team enables quick deployment and accelerates time to intelligent decisions. Saksoft creates actionable intelligence value for your organization by enabling you to:

  • Leverage data analysis solutions, machine learning techniques and statistical modelling to unlock value from big data analytics
  • Enable proactive decisions through forecasting, predictive analytics algorithms and text analytics
  • Improve visibility and make accurate predictions
  • Make right products available at the right places
  • Offer customers what they want, when they want it
  • Fix problems proactively before they can happen
  • Explore new business opportunities

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