Analytics as a Service Framework

Data stored in siloes, disparate analytics solutions have only led to a disjointed and a cumbersome data-to-insights-to action journey. With the transition from big data to actionable intelligence posing more challenges, compounded by the complexity involved in managing infrastructures and tools to derive meaningful insights, organizations have turned their focus to a valid alternative – Analytics-as-a-service.


Saksoft’ s Analytics-as-a-service framework empowers organizations to embed insight-driven decisions and actions as part of everyday business. Our Analytics-as-a-service framework helps in bringing your company data, usage data and syndicated data together to speed up time to insights. Whether organizations want to drive business benchmarking, business process improvement or business productivity, our Analytics-as-a-service framework enables organizations to realize their business goals.

At Saksoft, big data experts and industry experts ensure that organizations leverage the best-fit analytics relevant to their industry, organization and market and accelerate the data to insights journey, achieve breakthrough results.

What organizations achieve with our Analytics-as-a-service framework:

Single Analytical Platform: Leverage our framework to create an integrated data hub, get immediate access to data that matters, facilitate self-service analytics for business users to make a quick transition from data to intelligence to action. Data is not locked in siloes anymore.

Reduced data-to-insights journey cost:  By eliminating capital investment, our Analytics-as-a-service framework help you reduce data-to-insights journey cost. Do away with the costs involved in laying the data pipeline taking business users from data to intelligence delivery.

Accelerated time to intelligence: From data ingestion to intelligence delivery to visualization, speed up time to intelligence and transform insight delivery from hours to minutes.

CXO Dashboard Framework

Retailers know that leveraging big data and advanced analytics is the key to thriving in this competitive world. Retail has evolved into a data-rich environment while retailers focus on accelerating the data to insights to action journey.

Where empowering decision makers with relevant actionable intelligence is now a prerequisite for success, retailers face the challenge of making right intelligence available to the right individual at the right time.  Going beyond the standard, traditional reporting to embed customized role-based reports, insights and visualization into the organization, retailers seek to empower role-based users with relevant performance indicators, intelligence and analytics views to achieve specific business objectives and goals.

At Saksoft, domain and analytics experts have come up with the CXO dashboard framework to help retailers transform data to promote role-based intelligence and visualization. With the robust analytical engine and visualization, CXO dashboard framework accelerates time to intelligence, allows users to gain, view and act based on intelligence specific to their roles.

What you can do with CXO Dashboard?

  • CXO dashboard can be integrated with Oracle retail, SAP retail and Magento or any other existing retail systems

  • Business users can understand data as their role demands, gain actionable intelligence relevant and specific to them

  • Role-based users can create analytics views that matter to them

Social Listener Framework

With social media evolving into an integral part of marketing strategy, brands want to make the most of social listening and use insights to their advantage. Whether it is about knowing what people are talking about brands, knowing the right time to launch a product or understanding competitive strategy, social listening offers valuable insights for brands to improve performance, enhance brand reputation and fulfil business objectives.

Saksoft offers a smart Social Listening framework to listen to the social audience, analyze data, reap insights, engage with the audience and improve brand image.  Our Social Listener framework allows you to maximize value from social intelligence data, understand what customers seek to know about your brand, competitor brand and other information associated with your brand in real time.

Facilitating sentiment analysis across social networks, our Social Listener framework helps brands glean insights from unstructured media sources for structured analysis needs. With our social listening framework, you can make the most of customizable dashboards to create insightful reports in quick time. Our social listening framework helps you to:

  • Listen to the ‘social talk’

  • Evaluate your brand image

  • Engage with your audience

  • Promote enriching customer engagement

  • Measure performance of campaigns

  • Unearth pain points to be addressed

  • Gain competitive insights

Quality Automation Test Kit

The customer-first, rapid-service digital age demands superior quality products and faster time to market. With the need for comprehensive testing of systems, organizations want to conquer time-consuming and complex testing rigors and embrace automation to assure faster delivery of changes.

Saksoft leverages its in-house built Robotic Test Automation framework to eliminate complexities involved in tradition testing, efforts and costs and accelerate product deliveries and allows customers to reap measurable business benefits.

As a UI based automation wrapper, QuAK offers easy to use Robotic Test Automation capabilities solution using bots. It combines best in class features including – Automation, Reporting, Test Data Management, Test Environment Management, Robotic Test/Process Automation. The framework can easily integrate and support multiple platform and environments like: SAP, Oracle, and many more.

Salient features of QuAK include

  • Reusable modules for creating tasks

  • Execution bots deployed on various architectures’

  • Bot engines driving different automation tools

  • Dynamic pulling of data for tasks

  • Jobs scheduled through the UI or triggered as part of CI/CD

  • Accessed via a responsive user interface

Unified Test Automation Framework – UNITE

Applications are at the forefront creating productive businesses. In this agile era, applications driving business processes get integrated with many systems as there is also a growing need to integrate applications with external environment. Organizations relying on robust applications to drive business performance face the imperative of enabling end-to-end testing covering all layers to ensure that applications work as envisioned by the organization.

Saksoft has designed the Unified Test Automation Strategy with the objective of enabling spotless automation and ensuring applications perform as expected of them. UNITE serves a Test Automation for Web and Mobile that suits AI based recovery scenarios, enables CI/CD integration and facilitating multiple browser support.

This framework captures our Unified Test Automation Strategy and is designed to address the end-to-end software development, from requirement analysis to deployment. Built as a complete open source solution, UNITE has a robust architecture to support various applications and technologies. Supporting easy configuration, the Test Automation framework serves as an end-to-end solution covering API, Functional, and Database testing aspects of a project and promotes extension into Desktop, Security, Performance & Accessibility Automation areas.

Saksoft Quality Assurance Maturity Assessment

Test assurance is the key to enable satisfactory assurance of product quality. With the need for seamless software development, it becomes critical to refine processes continuously to enable robust product development that meets the specified norm.

Saksoft had developed STAMP with the objective to promote test assurance maturity and assure dependability and reliability of products. Saksoft has built STAMP by Incorporating best practice and learning from across our QA engagements. STAMP consists of 25 processes that help our teams to setup and manage an effective and mature Test Centre of Excellence.


Ecommerce is fast growing into a preferred marketplace for customers. With convenience and fulfilling experiences offered by ecommerce platforms, organizations rely on online platforms to capture more customers, increase sales and profits. As a key retail growth engine, ecommerce is turning out to be a requisite for promoting pleasant shopping experiences.

In this scenario, ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon are showing the way to raise a common platform for retailers to set up shop, reach audience across the globe, improve online presence and enhance their bottom line.

Saksoft has built DreamCommerce as an eCommerce marketplace solution that enables a breezy deployment of your eCommerce marketplace just within four weeks. Created as a multi-vendor marketplace, it is built to handle steady flow of traffic and promote pleasing interfaces driving customer engagement. With all the key workflows in place, the fast and scalable solution empowers enterprises to raise a robust eCommerce marketplace that is supplier-friendly as well as customer-friendly in terms of promoting exceptional e-commerce services and enriching buying experiences.