Fintech companies have been one of the early adopters of digital transformation solutions and data analytics solutions. Increased and judicious technology spending is now considered an indispensable trait within the sector.

Our Fintech Expertise

Cards & Payments

Every component of the payments world is undergoing dramatic transformation, with bank and non-bank card issuers facing new competitive threats. A diverse set of innovative competitors extending beyond the borders of financial services industry are rewriting standards and inventing new business models that challenge banks’ traditional debit and credit card economics. Saksoft’ s strong presence in cards and payments space is augmented by our expertise spanning technical consulting, data-driven analysis and user experience, agility, extensibility, system performance and security.

Our cards and Payments solutions cover a wide range including:

  • Cardless cash solution (Delivering B2C and G2C payments and P2P transfers)

  • Omni-channel Payments Processing

  • Billing and Revenue Management

  • Merchant Interchange Solution

  • Loyalty Management Solution


Case Study

Omni Channel Payments Processing

Automated & Optimized the management of bill presentment and payment with smartphones and Internet enabled devices to give payers the convenience and flexibility to pay bills anytime and anywhere. This helped increase engagement. Payers now have an easy way to view, pay and manage their bill pay experience

Credit Management

Fintech’s need for enhanced compliance is making it imperative to leverage B2B integration services. This in turn has increased the demand for an interface layer. With more than two decades of experience in working with large credit bureaus combined with our expertise in providing technology solutions, Saksoft has grown into a trusted partner guiding organisations to adapt and comply rapidly with the changing demands.

Our solutions include:

  • Direct to Consumer, Core Reporting Systems and B2B Partner Channel

  • Credit Management Data services as micro services leveraged by bureau partners and direct customer portals.

  • Credit Management Data services as micro services leveraged by Client and Direct customer portals, which serve as an all-inclusive key facilitating ID theft solutions for consumers in a single view

  • 24×7 production support services in the area of Incident Management and Release Management

  • Gateway application to act as one-point contact for Banks including multi-bureau connection, alternate data provider etc.


Case Study

Direct to customers: Automated online solution for commercial credit report to help with payment integration, KYC authentications, email and SMS services

 Pulled Credit reports from three major credit bureaus and converted them into  application consumable formats.
Implemented standard algorithm based credit scoring models for the three bureaus.

We Understand credit monitoring service and integration to product suites of the three Credit Bureaus

Regulatory Technology and Compliance Management

With increasing scrutiny from regulators, Fintech companies are tasked with meeting evolving regulatory changes, strengthening data governance and compliance management, facilitating robust compliance management and minimizing regulatory risks. Saksoft offers solutions to help Fintech companies comply with the evolving regulatory demands, including:

  • Portfolio & Order Management

  • Trading Compliance

  • Employee Compliance

Regulatory Technology and Compliance Management

Case Study

We helped a financial technology start-up to make financial products affordable and easily accessible to the common man using Azure ML for creating the data model. The Model segments customers into seven different categories for easy follow-up. Near real-time segmentation of customers allows the agents to reach out appropriately along with right product recommendation

Wealth Management & Asset Management Solutions

Global Banks, investment firms, venture capitalists and HNW private investors mostly have solutions to safeguard their investments and track their performance. Today, wealth and asset management solutions are built to facilitate faster processing of a broad range of data more economically.

Asset & Wealth Management

The focus is on data analytics and automation of asset allocation. In addition, the growing trend of providing mobile access to diverse services is reshaping market expectations in terms of asset management solutions and wealth management solutions.

Our experience in the area of asset and wealth management encompasses:

Case Study

Co-developed a cloud based wealth management platform that consolidates multiple managed account programs into a single system. This helps wealth management firms to strategically migrate to more profitable operating models. The product also automates personalised portfolios from proposals, on-boarding, portfolio management, monitoring, re-balancing to performance reporting and billing

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