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Having applications in physical infrastructure can be risky sometimes due to storage and compute restrictions, sudden breakdowns, accessibility, geographical complexity, high maintenance, limitations in scalability and agility owing to legacy setup and related reasons. These are some of the reasons why most of the organizations are turning towards the cloud. However, Cloud computing can be only beneficial if you have a sound cloud strategy.

With immense depth in migrating legacy and complex Infrastructure and Applications on Cloud, Saksoft continues to help its customers on deploy / migrate their IT Infrastructure and Business critical Applications to Public, Private, Multi Cloud or Hybrid Cloud environments. An ideal cloud strategy should be linked to business outcomes. Rather than thinking of the cloud as a place that runs today’s IT, we help our customers to use the cloud as a place of disruption. This decreases operational & maintenance costs, improve IT Infrastructure and Application performance and efficiency and acts a catalyst for business innovation and growth.

Cloud Services


Cloud Adoption and Consulting

Having a sound cloud strategy can help you leverage more. Understanding the existing IT environment and mapping it with your business goals can only be done by experts. Our cloud experts chalk out a clear cloud roadmap which can help you scale your IT along with your business. Our cloud consulting services help design the roadmap to realize your cloud vision.

Saksoft cloud consulting services help you to:

  • Assess the readiness of enterprise Infrastructure, Platforms and Applications targeted for cloud migration

  • Suggest deployment models from the range of Public, Private and Hybrid for applications

  • Provide the scalability & flexibility

  • Chalk down roadmap and strategy for cloud adoption

Cloud Migration Services

Seamless cloud migration is always a challenge for most IT enterprises. Only an expert can help you to pre-empt the complexities and ensure that your business doesn’t get affected during the process. With years of experience in migration, we have built processes, tools and automation which ensures that your business doesn’t get affected.

Our cloud migration services include:

  • Security and Migration assessment & planning

  • Defining a roadmap for cloud migration

  • Cloud Automation

Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services

Scaling up your IT infrastructure to meet the business demand can be a child’s play. If done right, your IT Infrastructure and the corresponding Platforms can reduce downtime apart from saving money year-on-year. Saksoft’s proven credentials on Microsoft Azure, Office 365 Services and Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides impetus to our cloud infrastructure services. Managing Public, Private and Hybrid clouds that encompass operations related to PaaS, IaaS and that of SaaS is a significant component of our cloud infrastructure offerings.

Our value added offerings, including customized and tailored solutions help our customers to achieve their Cloud objectives seamlessly.

Cloud Managed Services

Our Managed Services provide a suite of Application and Technology portfolio, which helps our clients mature their IT and leverage the target business benefits.  While we take care of designing, architecting and managing your day to day Cloud support and maintenance, you can continue focussing on your core and strategic business activities.

Why choose Saksoft?

You will be engaged with the best of cloud migration experts who will be able to assess your requirements, formulate a strategy and create a migration roadmap. Our cloud service providers Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure (both) will provide the scalability & flexibility and our tools make sure that your complex applications are handled at ease.

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