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Cloud computing is not the future but the present and which is fast growing and helping business achieve there goals in a constantly evolving business environment. Saksoft Cloud Service includes assessing, designing, building and managing an agile, flexible IT environment in partnership with our Cloud ecosystem partners. Our value add services include infrastructure planning and assessment, consulting and recommendation on private vs public cloud, sizing, Cloud migration and business continuity. What helps us deliver is client engagement and control around the complete solution delivery process. We are also flexible in terms of offering various solution delivery models including offshore delivery out of India.

All these services are delivered via internet and customers have nothing to worry about hardware/software or licenses to manage them.This feature allows companies to run on opex only model and don’t have to budget capex year on year basis, which translates to direct savings. This is the primary reason for increasing adoption with SME’s and enterprises for cost-cutting and providing business flexibility and transformation at a rapid pace.

The various categories of Cloud offerings are:

  • IAAS 1

    Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

    In collaboration with our cloud partners, Saksoft provide customers with a vanilla Virtual Machine where they have full Operating System access and can manage firewall, routers and load balancers required for all their infrastructure requirements. Other offerings in this category include Desktop as a Service replacing the traditional desktop environment with Virtual Desktops.
  • PAAS 1

    Platform as a service (PaaS)

    With platform offerings from the cloud partners like Microsoft SQL services, virtual storage, databases etc., Saksoft helps its customers to migrate their development and test environments to the cloud as a starting point before moving the production system on cloud.
  • SAAS 1

    Software as a service (SaaS)

    Every enterprise require applications for day to day operations starting from email services, CRM, HR Management Systems and Analytics including dashboards for better business decisions. Using the SaaS model, these services are provided for highest performance and availability on a pay-per-use-basis and helps the organisation to reduce Capex and move all expenses to Opex.
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