Client background:  A Fintech start-up working with the objective to make financial products available in a way to promote easy access to the user

Business Challenge

  • Delayed timeline to loan approval decisions – Manual process involved in evaluating customer applications, assessing risk elements, identifying right candidates and rolling out personalized engagement

  • Automate loan approval process, make decisions quickly to secure a deal

  • Segment customers to accelerate the process based on priority

  • Target the right demographics with the right messages

  • Anticipate loan defaults

Business Solution

  • Achieved loan approval decision automation leveraging Azure-based system

    • Azure-based system utilizing Data Factory & Event Hub for data loading, Azure ML for modeling (Naive Bayes Classifier & Linear Support Vector Machine), Azure Functions and Azure SQL Server
  • Adopted two-step method, segment customers into Good, Moderate and Bad, and automate loan approval process

  • Model created for segmenting customer/evaluating customer data and providing loan approval suggestion

Business Benefits

  • One-stop shop for testing requirements across the globe

  • 20% Automation of test scenarios ensures quality testing with reduced efforts & costs

  • Improved test coverage by 20%

  • Integration of Test Execution across suite and customized reporting


  • Approved loan applications increased from 14% to 32%

  • Reduced loan approval timelines