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How has Data Visualization Evolved?

There is data everywhere, but there is no right platform for enterprises to bring data to use.  This had been a challenge that was faced by many businesses before data visualization tools were introduced. With the value of these tools coming to light, these tools have quickly been adapted by many businesses for analytics. Where the human brain interprets pictures, sizes and colors faster than texts and numbers, data visualization has come as the [...]

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How to achieve non-intrusive migration of data with real-time replication from on-premises to cloud?

In the current business environment, most of the organizations face challenges during data migration and real-time data replication. Maintaining consistent replicas of a database can increase its fault tolerance. Endeavor information systems are nowadays commonly structured as multi-tier architectures and invariably built on top of database management systems responsible for the storage. With such issues in hand, only partial replication of databases can be achieved. The issues covered above occur especially when multiple databases [...]

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How to Convert More ‘Prospects’ to ‘Buyers’?

It is almost a tempting, tantalizing retail ability that a retailer dreams to have – turn the ‘gold ore of prospects’ into ‘gold of Happy and Loyal Customers and Brand Evangelists’. That said, striking gold takes painstaking efforts, diligent use of data to achieve the upward spiral of conversion rates. As retailers look to achieve conversions through every possible channel in this omnichannel world, machine learning led conversion analytics guides retailers to make accurate [...]

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How Omnichannel Analytics gives shape to ‘Customer-envisioned’ Retail

Time hasn’t chipped away at the retail essentials. Rather, the tenet-trio of customer engagement, customer experience and customer shopping have evolved with time and have also grown in significance. The days when customers just relied on the corner store to interact with the retailer, purchase products to satiate their needs are long gone. Flipping out his mobile, a customer looks for information pertaining to a product. Wanting to know more about the salient features [...]

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Why Banks Bank on Data Lake for Turning Big data into Intelligence?

A renowned bank in Singapore has found a way to cut down customer wait time – Seamless replenishment of ATMs has made this possible. This is one of the many data and analytics stories that has illustrated what data can do to an organization. As an industry where data is growing at a phenomenal rate, banking industry is also moving steadfastly towards making the most of this growing data, monetizing data. Where there is [...]

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Next generation retail is here!

Knowing what tomorrow brings Amidst the retail thrust to put the most-modern face, retailers have begun their tryst with the next-gen retail. As changes sweep through retail encompassing customer demand, customer interactions and customer experience, next generation retailer is making a mark by tapping into the potentials of digital technologies to embrace new ways and charm the customer. What makes the next gen retail tick is the trait to know what tomorrow can bring. [...]

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