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What’s the 3-step Formula for Financial Institutions to Embed Intelligent Automation?

John had experienced an agonizing wait after he had applied for a bank loan – Five working days had passed without the sign of loan approval. The sluggish pace of loan origination process was more than John could handle, caused by manual efforts driving the process in entirety. In comes Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to lend the speed needed to facilitate faster loan decisions. Rule-based decisions promoted by RPA have reduced the customer waiting [...]

3 Keys for Financial Institutions to Cash in on Cardless Cash

Customers don't pin their faith just on the PIN anymore. There are mobile apps attracting customer attention when there is a need to access cash at the ATM.  Dynamic tokens and QR codes have come good for authentication purpose. From being used for emergency situations, Cardless Cash is gaining traction across customers, banks and financial institutions. Take the case of this customer – With debit card getting compromised, the customer is waiting anxiously for [...]

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How ‘Customer Data Story’ Helps Organizations Win Loyal Customers

As the storytelling that enthralls audience, data storytelling can enthrall every data user in a company. From the raw form it is in, data has more life than we can imagine. To make a story from data, it is imperative that organizations decide on the end result before crafting the right data story that can yield desired results. For instance, creating a data story to acquire Customer 360-degree can be completely different from crafting [...]

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How DevOps Prompts Cost Effective & Time-saving Data Science

Every organization wants to acquire the ability to make faster and better decisions. Today, organizations rely on data science to convert data into predictions and prescriptions and create an intelligent enterprise – achieve twin objectives of faster and top quality decisions. And that becomes a reality by finding the answer to this query – How to accelerate implementation of data science solutions which can augment decision making across operations? Achieving swift data science results [...]

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How has Data Visualization Evolved?

There is data everywhere, but there is no right platform for enterprises to bring data to use.  This had been a challenge that was faced by many businesses before data visualization tools were introduced. With the value of these tools coming to light, these tools have quickly been adapted by many businesses for analytics. Where the human brain interprets pictures, sizes and colors faster than texts and numbers, data visualization has come as the [...]

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How to achieve non-intrusive migration of data with real-time replication from on-premises to cloud?

In the current business environment, most of the organizations face challenges during data migration and real-time data replication. Maintaining consistent replicas of a database can increase its fault tolerance. Endeavor information systems are nowadays commonly structured as multi-tier architectures and invariably built on top of database management systems responsible for the storage. With such issues in hand, only partial replication of databases can be achieved. The issues covered above occur especially when multiple databases [...]

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