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How to Make Shelf Space Optimization Drive Sales, Profit and Customer Experience

Enter a retail store and that arresting first impression is made by the assortment of products siting on the shelves. Not every product is of that fly-off-the-shelves type and not every product has that ‘presence’ felt on the shelf space. Then there are those new products that have won their shelf space through the ‘pay-to-stay’ mode. And the walk down the aisle offers the view of varied products on the shelves. What pushes the [...]

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Maximizing Returns on Marketing Investments with Marketing Mix Modelling

If there is a talk of Marketing Mix Optimization (MMO), then Marketing Mix Modelling follows suit. As MMO resonates with every marketing department’s need to optimize marketing investments towards generating maximum sales and profits, the case of this apparel retailer is a case in point in reiterating the significance of Marketing Mix Optimization. An apparel retailer with a physical and a digital empire wants every penny spent from its marketing budget yield incremental sales. [...]

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How Banks use Product Propensity to Increase Customer Delight and Profitability?

Sara receives an email from her bank about a home loan offer. That Sara is a privileged customer for long and uses the bank's credit card lends no insight into this offer. On its part, the bank had done its homework in terms of creating the product propensity index - Behavioral segmentation propped up by Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and attrition model. This let the bank to cross-sell its product to customers who were [...]

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Preventive Maintenance using the Right Machine Learning Approach

Though machines are prone to break down in the long run, unplanned equipment downtime can throw spanner into production works and heap losses on organizations. With better equipment utilization sense prevailing, reactive maintenance is now giving way for preventive maintenance. As IoT and sensors create another industrial wave, organizations seeking to ride this wave to optimize equipment performance, cut operational costs, and improve productivity also want to acquire the ability to predict asset breakdowns and [...]

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How Retailers Take Twin Benefits from Market Basket Analysis Informed Decisions & Optimized Operations

A toothbrush tied to a paste make up for a luring combo, for there’s a special offer for the taking. Affinity analysis is helping a toothpaste brand to perk up sales of toothbrush or stimulate demand by way of this promotion. The combo offers don't end there. There are many more depending on customer buying patterns, purchase behavior and affinity towards products. Market basket analysis props up retailer spirits in the way it helps [...]

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3 Keys to Unlock Value from People Analytics

An evaluation document based on a candidate interview lands on the desk of HR department – And this document is no handiwork of a human interviewer, for AI has pitched in to do its bit. That’s how Volvo promoted recruitment of technicians for its factory, where the car acts as the HR partner and Artificial Intelligence gives the lead in assessing candidates and evaluating them. With frontrunners strutting out their talent in using advanced [...]

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