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Building Analytics-powered ‘Vault’ to Arrest Illegal Insider Trading

There is a leak about the dismal performance of a company, even before the CFO files the report in the earnings call. One of the employees passes this information on to a friend and suggests selling all the shares immediately. It is the insider information that leads to illegal insider trading. The first word “insider” translates into an individual inside a company or an individual who works for a business. The last word “trading” [...]

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Achieving SQL Server Data Replication from On-premise to Azure Cloud

Imagine a bank with many ATMs and reams of customer transactions resulting from the ATM transactions. Now if there is only one database and if it fails, it is going to cast a pall of gloom over the bank. And that’s the reason why banks have a second, and a third and fourth if required, to support the primary database. Now every time a customer transaction happens, it gets replicated in the failover database. [...]

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Automation of Mutual Fund Reconciliation & Channel Resource Mapping for a Bank

Imagine the ordeal of reconcilation process and channel resource mapping at a bank – data from various sources will have to be collected, sorted and sifted – and what if this ordeal consumed nearly half a month’s time. And with resources spearheading the mutual fund sales, getting a closer look at the peformance and incentivizing resources promptly sets up an environment that breeds sales and growth. But with data in silos and manually-driven process [...]

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Top 5 Analytics Keys to Unlock Enriching Customer Experience

Every stage of the customer journey has ‘an experience’ in the wait. Be it the customer calling the customer service team to find answer to an issue or a customer making a research to find the best price for a product, creating delightful customer experiences is about creating lasting impressions on the customers, from a price, product and service perspective. In enabling great customer experiences, organizations bank on internal and external data to unearth [...]

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Predicting Customer Next Purchase Day

Knowing what the customer wants even before the customer buys a product is an imperative to thrive in this digital world. It gets more customer-centric, with organizations wanting to know every bit about the customer, predict everything around the customer and take suitable action to create a swell in the number of loyal customers. And there is customer behavior data that offers nuggets of customer wisdom. As part of this ‘predicting everything around the [...]

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Using NLP for Banking Transaction Categorization and KPI Augmentation

Today, banks have more data to capture and analyze - one of the critical types being transaction data. And raw data on its own doesn’t offer the sort of actionable insights that banks would want to acquire. Then there is the treasure chest of textual data waiting to be tapped for intelligence. That puts Natural Language Processing (NLP) in perspective for financial institutions to reap insights from text as part of customer transactions. With [...]

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