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All you need to know about Self-service Business Intelligence (BI)

What is Self-Service BI Self-service business intelligence is simply the empowerment of business owners/users to generate business insights on the fly by allowing them to create their own reports. Often times, Self-service BI refers to the ability to generate reports from published data sets but it also can mean extension of this ability to create datasets to business users. Why you need Self-service BI? Business users are best placed to make the right data-driven [...]

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What are OLTP and OLAP? They both are databases that get designed to serve different purposes - OLTP denotes Online Transaction Processing and OLAP denotes Online Analysis Processing. What’s common for OLTP and OLAP is that they both are used for data warehousing, and a significant difference in the OLTP vs OLAP comparison is that OLTP can also be used outside of data warehousing whereas OLAP will be used only for data warehousing. OLTP [...]

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Automation with Custom Alternative for RPA

RPA has been gaining significant acceptance across multiple verticals and many organizations have RPA already as part of their technology landscape.  While traditional systems would have the actual task coded for with the end user triggering those tasks through a graphical user interface, RPA performs what a user would do in many of such scenarios – including using the graphical user interface to trigger the application action.  While similar systems of scrapping and testing [...]

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7 Keys to Unlock Success in SAP SuccessFactors Implementation

As organizations seek to maximize value from their valuable asset, employees, SAP SuccessFactors gives organizations the power to keep employees at the core of business success. And SAP SuccessFactors offers the advantage of raising a cloud-based HR platform at lower costs and accelerating time to value. While organizations want to leverage SAP SuccessFactors to transform HR processes, here are 7 Keys to Unlock Success in SAP SuccessFactors Implementation. Tie up business requirements with SAP [...]

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6 Reasons for Moving from On-premise BI to Cloud BI

As Business Intelligence is now a reckoned force accelerating business success, gaining control over data explosions, adopting the right BI strategy, putting the right infrastructure in place and using robust BI tools are focal points that have grown in significance. There’s also the on-premise BI vs Cloud BI brainstorming to leverage cost-effective, performance fuelling and secured BI environment. With cloud BI promising gains, moving from on-premise BI to Cloud BI has evolved into a [...]

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3 Ways to Revolutionize Customer Journey with Machine learning

‘Know your customers inside out’ is a paradigm emblematic of customer-centric & customer-focused business operations today. As a significant component offering valuable customer insights, machine learning powered customer journey empowers organizations to address pain points, uncover opportunities and create enriching customer experiences. But no two customer journeys are look-alikes today. Reaping insights from customer journey means overcoming hurdles caused by disjointed data sources, touch points and channels by using heterogenous data, wading through complex [...]

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