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6 things everyone should know about Cloud migration

As much as Cloud is gaining popularity amongst businesses, it is important to note that Cloud migration does not happen overnight. A well thought out application migration strategy, the right cloud platform & tool, and proper security layers depending on your application type are necessary. Sometimes it is even indispensable to remould your applications to leverage the maximum benefits out of the cloud migration. Some of the key points to consider while moving to [...]

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Transportation and Logistics – the nervous system of an Economy

Transportation and logistics is one of the major growth parameter of a country, which is responsible for a smooth functioning of the economy. It is the nervous system of a country’s economy. It is one of those old-school sectors of business, and it all started with just a wheel and a bird. The global logistics market is a massive sector with a valuation of $4 trillion. On an average, a country accounts for anywhere [...]

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Data is the new ‘Oil’!

“When life gives you lemons, make Lemonade” has now changed to “when you have data, make decisions with it” Just as many other blog posts similarly, Rate of Data accumulation is rapid, in a very unimaginable way. A recent study at the Northeastern University states that 2.5 Exabyte of data are produced every single day, which is equivalent to 530,000,000 Million Songs 150,000,000 iPhones 5,000,000 Laptops 250,000 Libraries of Congress 90 Years of HD [...]

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5 tips to optimize your analytics investment!

You have made huge investments on your business intelligence. Now you have access to the most modern analytics, advanced intelligence, machine learning etc. But for many, measuring the success of analytics and business intelligence is not easy. Here are some of the factors that determine how powerful is your data-driven business decisions. Choose the best, not the latest: There are plenty of shiny, aesthetically pleasing tools in the market that could easily capture your [...]

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10 easy ways to motivate your employees

Today, everyone talks about the millennials, Gen X and Y so on but the fundamental always stay the same and remains a mystery to unwind. One of the key challenges mangers face these days is how to motivate employees and keep them optimistic. On a survey that revealed the top 7 important aspects for employee satisfaction, work environment/ taking care of the employees topped the chart followed by Salary/incentives. So the point to be [...]

Digital Wallets- Banking for Millennials

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Abstract: Right now we are going through a huge technological transition, and the Millennials have played an extensive role. From basic cell phones to java based feature phone to Smart-phones. We have become more adaptable. After all adaptation is the key to survival. Due to the recent demonetization in India, the government has and is been trying to push [...]

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