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Identifying At-Risk Customers and Reducing Customer Churn

Jack, a regular customer for a retail business, calls the customer service department for the nth time and explodes to let out his steam. That’s because Jack’s problem hasn’t been resolved yet. Does this overt action ring the ‘Customer Churn’ warning bells? Cynthia who shops at the same retail store regularly laps up every promotion the retailer runs – flash sale offering 30% off on an item or the Buy One Item and Get [...]

How Exploratory Data Analysis can Boost Machine Learning Results

On screen, Al Pacino, as the blind man in ‘The Scent of a Woman’ looked pitch-perfect for the role, did justice and the audience in turn responded with thunderous applause. That’s the post-production success for you. During the pre-production stage, the hunt for the right-fit actor for a specific role begins with the casting process. Individuals go through auditions, wherein their performances are evaluated in addition to the chemistry they create with other characters. [...]

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What to Look For in Streaming Analytics?

Perish the thought of ‘Data’ not being perishable. What has perished is the pairing of ‘perishable’ just with food, goods and products, for data can now turn perishable if it is not acted upon in quick time and close to the source where it gets generated. Fast data, fast action on data and faster the time to intelligence apparently refer to action being taken on data within milliseconds for making instant decisions. As sensors, [...]

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How to Measure Customer Experience

Measure twice, cut once. The carpenter’s rule set in stone is now resonating with the retailers’ imperative of measuring customer experience (CX) – just to make doubly sure that nothing goes wrong with customer engagement. Where retailer actions ought to reflect customer preferences, needs and likes, measuring customer experience can go a long way in eliminating costly mistakes that can repel customers and in fulfilling needs of customers in the most appropriate way. What [...]

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What’s the 3-step Formula for Financial Institutions to Embed Intelligent Automation?

John had experienced an agonizing wait after he had applied for a bank loan – Five working days had passed without the sign of loan approval. The sluggish pace of loan origination process was more than John could handle, caused by manual efforts driving the process in entirety. In comes Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to lend the speed needed to facilitate faster loan decisions. Rule-based decisions promoted by RPA have reduced the customer waiting [...]

3 Keys for Financial Institutions to Cash in on Cardless Cash

Customers don't pin their faith just on the PIN anymore. There are mobile apps attracting customer attention when there is a need to access cash at the ATM.  Dynamic tokens and QR codes have come good for authentication purpose. From being used for emergency situations, Cardless Cash is gaining traction across customers, banks and financial institutions. Take the case of this customer – With debit card getting compromised, the customer is waiting anxiously for [...]

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