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Next generation retail is here!

Knowing what tomorrow brings Amidst the retail thrust to put the most-modern face, retailers have begun their tryst with the next-gen retail. As changes sweep through retail encompassing customer demand, customer interactions and customer experience, next generation retailer is making a mark by tapping into the potentials of digital technologies to embrace new ways and charm the customer. What makes the next gen retail tick is the trait to know what tomorrow can bring. [...]

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Building Loyalty Management Programs

It is well established that selling to an existing customer is about five times cheaper than to acquire a new customer. 44% retailers (or SaaS vendors) focus more on customer acquisition, 40% give equal focus to customer retention, and only 16% give more emphasis on retention. Not only that, but existing customers spend 67% more than new customers and as research shows, a modest 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits anywhere from [...]

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How to Build Intelligent Chatbots?

A devout Fashionista is likely to be smitten by the charm of TMY.GRL, and that’s because this chatbot on the Tommy Hilfiger website enters into friendly conversations with fashion enthusiasts with an objective to transform their looks based on the occasion and taste. Chatbots are spreading their wings, finding a place in every business area – from customer and sales support to other business functions. With customers wanting quick information, chatbots have filled the [...]

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Data Monetization – Making the most of your data

In the enterprise world, nuggets from data have been laying the path to intelligent decision making – data and decisions are now looked upon as the two sides of the same coin. That’s not all. The enterprise quest now rests on extracting more value from data, with data being looked at as the ‘new currency’. Not without reasons. Leveraging data monetization, enterprises are engaged in transforming this valuable asset into currency. The potential of [...]

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Cracking the ‘Just In Time’ Supply Chain Code

Just in case more stocks are required to cater to customer demands - For long, this dictum propelled enterprises' efforts to meet customer needs anytime and every time. Not anymore. Just in time (JIT) now shares that close affinity with supply chain, starting from availability of raw materials for production to shipping of products to customers. JIT has risen into a smart stratagem to reduce waste and increase efficiency. With JIT, flexibility becomes the [...]

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How to Predict Customers and Sell Better

Eye level they say is the buy level - this merchandizing tenet for long has been of value to entice customers into making the buying decision. It touches the 'buying chord' in a customer, hits the customer eyeballs, and ignites the buying spark – a technique leveraged to make products move from the retailers’ shelf to the customer, resulting in more sales. If getting into the minds of customers is important, reading the customer’s mind [...]

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