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Cracking the ‘Just In Time’ Supply Chain Code

Just in case more stocks are required to cater to customer demands - For long, this dictum propelled enterprises' efforts to meet customer needs anytime and every time. Not anymore. Just in time (JIT) now shares that close affinity with supply chain, starting from availability of raw materials for production to shipping of products to customers. JIT has risen into a smart stratagem to reduce waste and increase efficiency. With JIT, flexibility becomes the [...]

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How to Predict Customers and Sell Better

Eye level they say is the buy level - this merchandizing tenet for long has been of value to entice customers into making the buying decision. It touches the 'buying chord' in a customer, hits the customer eyeballs, and ignites the buying spark – a technique leveraged to make products move from the retailers’ shelf to the customer, resulting in more sales. If getting into the minds of customers is important, reading the customer’s mind [...]

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Maximize your Marketing ROI

Super bowl ads are a delight to watch, and super bowl ad numbers are a delight to crunch. And what has preempted this ad marketing success – was it a company’s creative hat or the scientific thrust. Tuning into the voices of the past, we are held captive by Bill Bernbach’s conviction that it is art that has made the difference as also by David Ogilvy’s belief that it is fastidious research, more towards [...]

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Curb data-silos and get 360-degree customer view

John Donne was apt in saying that ‘No man is an island’ and it only reiterates how humans cannot thrive when they get isolated from other human beings. Isolation can deprive anything of its true value. Now, if you replace that man with data, you will not be farther from the truth. The ‘New Oil’ epithet to data only magnifies the value of data in the enterprise world. While the drive to tap into [...]

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4 Ways to analyze Bigdata using R Programming

R programming is a big-fat calculator in layman terms. But R is not the jack of all trades when it comes to handling voluminous data like, Bigdata. But ever wondered how much is ‘Big’ in Bigdata? When organizations have plethora of data (High volume, may be due to the variety of secondary data sources) and business managers are strangled with it, the analysis becomes challenging as it requires a lot of data engineering to [...]

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Top 5 Trends in Mobile Technology

From work to bed, mobile phones have become an integral part of our digital lives. Smartphone companies are competing themselves to improve the mobile experience through various innovative changes in their hardware components. They started standardizing USB – C everywhere, left behind headphone jacks, mainstreamed bezel free smartphones and more. Now integrating this futuristic hardware experience with the mobile software’s is becoming a key challenge for application development companies. We generally believe mobile phone [...]

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