The world is growing at a rapid pace, and the mobile technology has brought in better changes making our life easier. The affordance and adoption to mobile technology has shaped the personalized user experience with tons of information on the move. We can argue endlessly when we revolve around the topic comparing technology as a driving force and technology as a frightening harm. But in latter, the technology advancement has showed us this topic to be an equalizer.

Personalizing User Experience:

Apple has launched the most anticipated and Google hints its new smartphone through its teaser. Upgrading chip set and operating system, and dawning new mobile devices is widely welcomed by users and developers across the world, which would enrich the user app experience. Android’s “Google now” & “Apple SIRI” has revolutionized our interaction with mobile devices. The preview edition of , a personal assistant launched recently makes your everyday life much easier to plan, get the answers and to have fun with. Currently various mobile applications track user activities by syncing with the electronic wearable’s to calculate physical activities and transactions they perform using mobile applications. Soon, enterprises would leverage this data to build Business Intelligence (BI) and apply Predictive Algorithms to forecast various scenarios, provide better and more personalized notifications.

App Streaming – The Web of Apps:

The world of apps has grown beyond a healthy size. You see, mobile apps succeeded because of user needs and availability of mobile devices. Resulting in the slogan that defines the mobile world, “There’s an Application for that”. From entertainment, gaming to daily business needs, mobile would facilitate seamless functionality to get things done at ease. But this situation of installing application for every single purpose has become frustrating for adherent mobile users. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could toggle between apps just as you do with the web?

Google’s app indexing is finding In-app content. It is nothing but deep linking the installed mobile application to the web search content. This would assist users to prioritize the relevant link that launches the app directly. Next level of app indexing is an impressive technology?—?App Streaming. Instead of installing applications like how it is now, app streaming creates a “web of apps,” the ability to explore content within apps as easily as people use the web today. No need to install it, because you’re already running it. It might be Google’s first pilot experiment of this sort in cloud platform. When you search for an app in Google Search, you see that app coming up in search list. It may have a button next to the ‘Install’ button saying, ‘Try Now’. When you click on the ‘Try Now’ button, the app streams right on your device — in real time. Google is still in the beta stage of App streaming and yet to release the public version of it.

An End to App Installation:

With Google streaming apps to your phone and Apple pushing it’s developers to store parts of their apps in the cloud, we may have just entered the beginning of a new era where installation becomes completely obsolete and the bridge between “website” and “native app” is blurred without much of difference between them. The grid of apps on a phone’s home screen is starting to look outdated, as majority of functions are performed via notifications and widgets. Ultimately, the only user interface you’ll need to get things done on your device may be as voice commands. In the future, just ask Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant for anything and everything!