Life is turning out to be more at ease. People are very much concerned in spending their valuable time doing the most appropriate thing in their routine. Shopping for basics is one such routine in every person’s life.  I’m not ready to get caught flat footed by saying people are getting lazier. But yes, sometimes they are! There is a lot of hype around augmented commerce. The Click-Select-Pay behavior is adopted at a rapid rate with smartphone in hand, with the mix of social experience in it.  We live in the age of augmented commerce, experience shopping in all new interesting layers.  Yes! It is something about Augmented Reality. People say innovation and technology is a threat to humans but the way technology has perused has proven that saying to be wrong every time.

Augmented Reality:

In simple non-technical terms, AR is integrating the digital visual content into user’s real time environment. To be more simple, AR augmented reality is actually a mixture of real life and virtual reality.  This technology is trending the most and people are less informed about the benefits from it. Our lives rotate around social media, and people say AR is the next step of it. The first half of 2016 was buzzing around the limitless facts and innovations around Virtual reality.  And now it’s “Gotcha! Catch em all”. When the concept of “Pokemon go” was proposed years back, nobody thought it would come to reality. But now it’s has enhanced the gaming experience to the next level that has triggered the game frolic in every one of us.

Taking E-commerce to Next Level:

This rise of interest among people in AR can be wisely applied to fulfill the gap between digital and real world. The concept of Augmented Reality can prove to be extremely useful for the e-commerce sector. There was an idea that e-commerce is the only viable mode of shopping for startups, but now the market is getting over crowded with online sellers. Innovations have its part to play before people get bored with e-commerce shopping, as it happened to the retail in the past. Augmented Commerce is one such technology addition to e-commerce industry. Market leaders such as Amazon, EBay have started testing their AR integrated mobile application to enhance the user experience. has already launched a virtual trial room feature in its mobile app, allowing users to choose spectacles that suit their face using 3D feature. IBM has helped , a fashion retailer, build its 3D virtual dressing room that allows users to check their fittings virtually. This technology can help in all sectors; be it Automobiles, Apparel, Jewelry and much more. Imagine if you can compare and choose your favorite TV and see if its size suits your wall, while relaxing in your sofa? Wow! That’s super cool.

I’m not sure if augmented commerce will accomplish its goal and end by there. Looking at the current developments and the amount of money being invested, there is high possibility that the difference between real and virtual world will soon become indistinguishable. This sophisticated shopping experience will be taken to a whole new level when Artificial Intelligence plays its part in it. Google has now grown to a level where the shopping patterns are tracked and product suggestions are given in a customized package to every user! That’s the birth of Ambient Commerce.