Lessons from all-day breakfast: Being inch-wide and mile-deep

From 2006 to 2015, McDonald’s growth had been declining. The executives saw the problem as the limited menu in the fast-food chain and had been continuously increasing the offerings. In October 2015, McDonald’s went back to basics, introduced all-day breakfast and dropped most of the additional items. It marked the most significant strategic move [...]

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How are Big Data and Analytics impacting the Hospitality Industry?

Hotels are now coming to grips with the importance of big data and the several ways in which analytics can help them to generate more revenue and deliver a finer guest experience. Digitization in Hotels: Still straddling the fence? "Digital transformation" is just another voguish phrase that is used nowadays, much like "robots" and [...]

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Drowning in Data/Failing to Convert Data into Business Results and Value?

If organizations drown in data, it is worth setting a positive alarm. And there is a valid reason. Big data, machine learning, advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence promise translation of data into insights, into business results and value. And when there is data explosion, compounded by ordeals, challenges and hurdles in translating data into [...]

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Interviews, no-shows and profiling

A few days back, I found an old friend rumbling on a social network about the unprofessional behaviour of the candidates who call on the 11th hour and say that they are not joining. Everyone has a lot of dreams associated with a job. For this moment, the candidate has prepared all his life, [...]

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Burrito, Crypto, Muy contento

Last week the US celebrated National burrito day on April 1st, and no, it wasn’t a fool’s day joke. It’s like the Chicken tikka masala day on May 7th. Most Mexican restaurants like Chipotle, Taco Bell, Del Taco, Baja Fresh- gave out coupons, discounts and rewards. Chipotle, in particular, announced to give away $100,000 [...]

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AI vs AI / AI Antidote Counters AI-assisted Ransomware Attacks

It is a battle of wits between the rogue AI and AI-powered security system. Data scientists will launch the counter-stealth as cybercriminals resort to stealth and secrecy in deceiving security systems. If the rogue AI assisted Ransomware can trick the AI-powered security system, it can push an organization to face the diabolical plot called [...]

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Malcom Mclean Containerization and Transformation

A few days back, I stumbled on a Ted-Ed video (link) about how Malcom Mclean shaped the modern world. In the great depression in the ’30s, Malcom Mclean was a 24-year-old truck driver. He got a job taking cotton bales from Fayetteville, NC, all the way to the pier in Hoboken, NJ, for shipping [...]

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5 Ways BI & Analytics has Helped Organizations Beat Covid Blues

Business life during lockdown has gone through one heck of a period. As the business world got locked in a pivotal grapple with uncertainties imposed by the Covid-19 triggered pandemic, BI and Analytics turned out to be the Antidote to weather the Covid blues. Take a peep at the Retail sector. Data and analytics [...]

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