Decoding Mutually Inclusive AI Bias Mitigation and XAI

In a Healthcare-AI Bias curtain-raiser, a skin-cancer detection algorithm fails to detect skin cancer for individuals with darker skin. Algorithmic Bias was perpetuated when inclusive data was not used, and when only light-skinned individuals became the source for training the algorithm. And this story can be reversed to achieve debiased, explainable, and pertinent predictions. [...]

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Watch out for Augmented Consumer Interfaces, you have Hyper-Connected Augmented Consumers to Serve

The Augmented Consumer Interface story is more of the 'Algorithm' wearing the Brand face in front of the consumer. Augmented Consumer Interface is triggering the new CX dynamics in the age of Hyper-Connected Augmented Consumer. As the customer is constantly switched on, augmented via devices, apps, social media, chatbots and AI assistants, you need [...]

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How Data and Analytics can boost your Holiday Sale?

‘Tis the Season for Holiday Sales! For retailers, the Holiday sale is a complete marathon where the Black Friday weekend is simply the start of a month-long race to the finishing line. In such events, sales don’t seem to be affected just by heavy discounts. A retailer has to enhance their customer’s experience through [...]

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How to Implement Explainable AI (XAI) with SHAP Framework

You need to address the rising concern of the black-box AI problem, now that, AI maturity is spreading across industries. Here’s one healthcare institution’s black box AI scenario that better explains the need for Explainable AI. While AI and Image processing techniques are used to classify cancer types, would an Oncologist just treat a [...]

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Data Lakehouse – Where the Best of Data Warehouse and Data Lake Meet

In a turn of events, Data lakehouse is pitched as the novel paradigm heralding a shift in data management. With the prevalence of data lakes (DL) and data warehouses (DWH), why would enterprises home in on the data lakehouse concept? You can’t theorise before having data at hand, said Holmes. And contrary to that, [...]

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Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis for Enriching Customer Experience

‘Customer sentiment’ is the meter you want to gauge to nurture enriched customer experiences. Considering the vast amount of feedback organizations receive every day, it can be overwhelming to transform it into actionable insights. Giving attention to feedback is far more than just finding ways to improve your product, it is also about giving [...]

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Data Analytics: A Sales Amplifier?

The job of the sales teams is not easy as they work under heavy loads of pressure to reach their revenue goals or sales targets. In addition, there is always competition and barriers to entry which are usually not in their favour. There is a massive amount of data available from various sources (CRM [...]

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Is ELT the modernized path for ETL on Cloud and why?

Data Integration on Cloud is increasingly witnessing a change in approach from the traditional ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) process to the modern ELT (Extract, Load & Transform) process. This change is due to the rising adoption of an underlying cloud data lake based architecture that feeds into the downstream cloud data warehouse/datamarts. Let’s [...]

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Retail connects AI-powered Automated Product Tagging to Personalization, Search, & Customer spend

AI’s tryst with Retail continues. Computer vision and AI-powered Automated product tagging is now allowing retailers to cut down up to 90% of catalogue processing time. A woman with the 'Lavender Full Sleeves V Neck Hooded Sweatshirt' in mind finds it an ordeal to find that apparel on the ecommerce portal. The fashion apparel [...]

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