A few days back, I found an old friend rumbling on a social network about the unprofessional behaviour of the candidates who call on the 11th hour and say that they are not joining.

Everyone has a lot of dreams associated with a job. For this moment, the candidate has prepared all his life, probably travelled to a different country and lived without friends or family. Guess what? The hiring managers had also lived through the same when they were looking for a job. Immigration is not easy. Finding a job is not easy.  The hiring manager has also carefully evaluated the need, the role and the future roles, probably got the business and got the finance approvals to pay for someone income. Obviously, the hopes, tensions, and sentiments run high when there is so much effort and so much to look forward to.

So my friend went on to paint the world black when the candidate called up the day before and mentioned that he is not joining. The pain was compounded by the fact that H1B transfers take a good month. Imagine putting a halt to your dreams when everything was set, and you have the money to pay for it, when you have gone over and beyond, but at the last moment, your partner decides he doesn’t want any of it.

Saksoft can help you find the right people at the right time. While we cannot guarantee the candidate will show, we have put in place measures to evaluate each candidate better. Our evaluation methods include a behavioural interview, along with a technical one and a case study. We keep in mind what this job means to the candidate and evaluate if they are willing to go the extra mile for this job.  We have bots to find the candidates with the right skillset, and another bot to scour attached social media tags (furnished by the candidates for public information) to find an applicant with the right interests and conduct. All this is done without us (or our bots) profiling a particular segment.

We hire on behalf of our clients without profiling for visa status, race, creed, colour, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin, disability, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, pregnancy or related condition, or any other basis.

We are not trying to find a unicorn. We are trying to find a candidate who has the most resonance with the hiring manager’s DNA. Anyone can learn skills if they dedicate time and effort.  But what really matters is who’s passionate about the kind of business.