I am pretty sure that the most people in the United Kingdom heard EU more as a teenage girl’s disgusted scream ‘Ewwww’. So when they were asked to make a choice to stay with EU their natural and understandable answer was a resounding ‘Leave’.

You can’t blame them can you? After all, who wants to live with Ewwww forever? That also explains the spike in Google analytics on the search about EU and referendum right after the poll. Too bad, they chose to vote first and understand what they were voting for, later.

Their unintended and disgusted Ewwww for EU has led to the not so United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union sparking a global debate on the rights and wrongs of it. Ireland and Scotland might have wanted to stay with EU but their opinions didn’t matter much as England (outside London) with majority voters chose the Ewwww reaction. It was meant to be as simple a decision as ‘To be or not to be’. But the complexity of the decision far outweighs the simplicity of the question and thus leading to what is now famously known as the Brexit. This will forever be a decision that will be judged, taunted, criticized, and appreciated by all and sundry across the globe.

Is Brexit right? Did the United Kingdom make a silly decision to break free from the EU? Or will the Empire Strike Back and vindicate this unintended brave move? Brexit supporters call it the choice of freedom and risk over stability. Those who wanted to stay will continue to taunt the decision. Only time, sound economic decisions, healthy global market scenario and many other associated factors can give us the answers. Until then, the joke will be on the British humour.

Every now and then life takes us to a cross road where we are asked to make a choice. No matter what choice we make , we will have our supporters who justify our decision and nay Sayers who ridicule us, in equal measure. There is never a permanent right or wrong decision in life, politics or in economy. No matter how right we may seem, there will always be a road not taken that would come to haunt us if we choose to let it.

The United Kingdom opted for a divorce from its nagging in laws (Unfavourable trading rules) a burdensome joint family that was sucking it’s funds (350 M Pounds per week to EU), unwanted stream of friends visiting every day (Immigrants) and above all , for the freedom (UK Parliament to decide on all laws and EU cannot overrule UK Court decisions). The United Kingdom chose to leave the house.

Did they choose their destiny? They certainly did. Will they be able to admire their newly chosen destiny and exclaim ‘Awwww’ or will they feel the pinch and scream ‘Ouch’? Whatever they do, they will only hope that the rest of EU does not shun them with a disgusting Ewwww.