“if you resist change you will be irrelevant in the 21 century” – Narendra Modi

“Change is the only constant” – I bet, this has got to be one of the most boringly clichéd quotes used over the last 30 years or so. With everything about us changing so fast, hospital the only way to stay in the hunt is to learn and adapt quickly. The Prime Ministers words are not just a sage advice for individuals but a brutal truth for the organizations. No pasture is green enough, at least not long enough Transformation is the key.

The need for change is no more an option but a must have strategy to stay in the race, if not win it. The rapidly changing technology, the equally fast paced growth of adaption, evolving competition landscape and several other dynamic factors have been constantly reshaping the business environment. It is not a lake but a river, a rapid white water river that requires us to watch, learn and Change frequently to stay relevant.

Re packaging of service offerings, re positioning of the brand, exploring newer markets, content quality, Website visibility, social media interactions etc are no longer a onetime or once in a while activity but a perpetual work in progress.

But this transformation is easier said than done. This metamorphosis cannot happen without contribution from every employee. Here’s a look at some of the common factors that can make or mar this transformation journey.

Be the Squirrel if not monkeys: Ownership

We tend to believe that the ‘management’ is machinery that is supposed to churn out innovative thoughts and this transformation process has nothing to do with us, the ordinary employee . It’s their problem. While we are more than happy to pick holes about the organizations culture, lack of service offerings, lack of visibility etc, how often have we tried to plug the gaps? We might not all be monkeys and be able to lift heavy stones to build the bridge but can’t we at least be like the squirrel from Ramayana, that helps fill the gaps? Feel a part of the change and chip in where ever or how ever you can. Even if it is by staying away from cynicism and negativity.

The Mobile Phone Charge: Empowerment

A mobile phone is put in charge when it does not have power. Humans are no different. If you want someone to take charge, give them the power. Responsibility without authority is a breeder of frustration and negativity. How often do we hear people in leadership roles complain about the lack of empowerment. If you want productivity, then empower your managers. Trust them to take the right decisions. Cut out the red tapes.

Two in a box: Adaptability

To enable a rapid transformation sometimes people have to work in teams or in pairs to execute a common goal. In a Two-In-A- Box scenario, it is important that the individuals in the team adapt to each other quickly and complement one another. There is no room for ego and one up man ship. If these aspects are not handled properly then the Two in a box model is better left for a pair of shoes.

Girl’s skirt: Be interesting and be Agile

Other source of frustration is when the ‘management’ turns down our ideas or does a U turn after a few months. An idea should be like a girl’s skirt. Long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to be of any interest. Short term deliverable and positive results are just as important as the long term goals. Keep it agile. Keep it short and more importantly, keep it sexy.

Lip stick to a pig : Content and Offerings

No amount of go to market strategy or tweaking of the value proposition would help if they are not backed with the right content and service offerings. A pig will still be a pig even if you paint it with an expensive lipstick. Content is the king might be a stale marketing catch phrase but the content itself should never get stale. Keep it fresh. Keep it interesting.

So go ahead and change. What’s the worse that could happen? You can always change again because the world would have changed further anyway.