Last week the US celebrated National burrito day on April 1st, and no, it wasn’t a fool’s day joke. It’s like the Chicken tikka masala day on May 7th. Most Mexican restaurants like Chipotle, Taco Bell, Del Taco, Baja Fresh- gave out coupons, discounts and rewards. Chipotle, in particular, announced to give away $100,000 in free burritos and $100,000 in Bitcoin through their interactive “Burritos or Bitcoin” game. Patrons are happy for the discounted or free and tasty food. Restaurants are glad for increased sales and higher visibility. Everyone is delighted to have a general reason to celebrate with family.

About a month back, Tesla (and then Visa) started accepting crypto payments which led to much hoopla and soared the value of cryptocurrencies at an all-time high. (Side note: there are other reasons too – the rise of NFTs, institutional adoption, inflation hedge etc.) Chipotle capitalised on the virality of blockchains and offered bitcoins (or free burritos) in a game.  Their campaign was so successful that it reached #5 on Google Trends amid an MLB dominated day. It’s not just them – since 2017, companies dealing in blockchains are valued 1.6 times higher. (Link)

Saksoft has been helping companies implement blockchain solutions since 2018. We have helped a healthcare company develop solutions to access medical records data from Electronic Medical Records (EMR) using FHIR resource while improving trust in the system and providing privacy to the patient. We have also co-created a marketplace to connect connects the landlords, local producers and consumers. The marketplace implemented smart contracts with escrow accounts, immutable operational and non-operational information, and improved privacy with hashed documents.

As part of the Blockchain technology initiatives, we became one of the early members of BiTA

We have helped organisations gain trust, improve security, reduce monetary transactions cost and implement privacy measures; in a secure, transparent, immutable repository of truth designed to be highly resistant to outages, manipulation, and unnecessary complexity. This makes the engineers in us very happy – Muy contento!!