In the mid of 2000’s, organizations started to find ways to make use of their archived data. They figured out that So those data’s and files which have Business logics and usage won’t have any proper structural formats to align them and reform it as per business needs. And to reform such, we need a proper platform to hit and make a grand success, thus they coined a newer technology as “BIG DATA”.

  “Big Data is a phrase that echoes all corners of the Business”

Big Data is a kind of Data Sets that are so complex and highly scalable even to process them and to recreate them. They mostly used to analyse Predictive Analysis and other advanced data analysis, whereas it is known for ELT process.

Commercial vendors use historical database management system for using Big Data for offering. Teradata systems were the one first to store and analysis 1TB of Data. In 2000, Nexis Group developed a distributed file system for querying and analysing, they stores structured, unstructured, distributed and semi structured data across multiple servers. Analysis of Large unordered data sets is mostly common in many Firms as like Social Media, Medical and Transportation. Scientists says that working with this kind of predictive Data sets needs more knowledge on complex physics science , genomics, etc., Analysing large set of Data can give the result in trending. Data set grows rapidly and they involve large set of aligned information which are used in IOT*(Internet of Things) for sensing the devices remote sensing, sensor boards, frequency indicators etc.

Back then in 2004, Google published a concept called “Map Reduce” which uses the same Teradata concept. The MapReduce concept provides a parallel processing model, and an associated implementation was released to process huge amount of data. With MapReduce, queries are split and distributed across parallel nodes. Hadoop is one such technology, and it is generally the software most commonly associated with Big Data, and it is owned by Apache Foundation. Apache calls it “a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data set across the cluster of computers using basic programming models. Hadoop environment involves specially data storage and data processing as ETL does in vice versa and both of them occur in a distributed process to improve the efficiency. Map Reduce concept also plays an important role in Hadoop Technology which processes the data in different segments of the cluster and partitions the results into more manageable systems which are associated.

 A relative Lectures says, Big Data represents the information assets which characterized by such a High Volume, Velocity and Variety to require specific Technology and the transformation for Analytical methods in its values. Big Data is also special because it represents both the significant information (which can open new doors) and the way this information is analyzed to help open those doors. Skill are likely associated who obtain both the business values and the information by analysing it and trending them which also requires mathematical and statistical expertise as well as creative  and problem solving technique which are to be associated.

Example of Big Data:

In the mid of 2012, one of the famous “Wall Street Journal” ran an article to describe how Netflix used Big Data to out their streaming video. And by fortunately they were able to analyze traffic details for various devices with the spot problems areas and adding their network to help prepare for all types of demands. And they took all types of content customers preferred, which enable them to have accurate suggestion.


The importance of big data doesn’t involve around how much data we have, but what we do with it. We can take data from any source and analyze it to get the exact answer which enables us cost reductions, time reductions and also new product development of optimization and offerings and smart decision making. When we combine data with high-powered analysis we can accomplish business related task as we have below:

  • Knowing the root cause for the malfunction in near-real time.
  • Re-measuring the entire risk portfolios in minutes.
  • Identifying the bad behaviour before it affects the organization.

Big Data in Action:

It is important to remember that the primary value from big data comes not from the data in its raw firm, but from the processing and analysis of it and the insights, products and services which emerges in analysis. The Developing changes in big data technology and management approaches need to be accompanied by similar dramatic shifts in how data supports the decision and product innovation.

Who uses big data: big data offers all types of firm to gather it on large data sets as in Banking, Government, Finance , Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail etc.,