Technology has never failed to amuse us. We have seen the growth and trends of Big Data, AI and VR in 2016. We expect these technologies to continue its dominance in 2017, probably far beyond our imaginations. The clarity and gyaan the organization gain on big data and Analytics is predominantly increasing but the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are still more exciting technology waves which will sweep through the world. In Simple terms,

Artificial Intelligence – it’s the ability of machines or devices to self-perform without the human intervention. And, Machine Learning is typically a part of AI, which allows machines access the data and learn from it.

The basic arithmetic and logic operations done by computers in early days fundamentally progressed to the concept of AI. Apart from the basic calculations and complex programs, we humans attempted machines in decision making and performing more of a human like tasks. This phenomenal growth in AI has now led way to the Machine learning concepts driving AI developments step ahead.

AI is influencing the call centers and customer help lines which are fully functional by the support from humans. “This call may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes” is very much familiar recorded message that we hear when we call a customer care. With the advancement in speech analysis and Natural Language Processing techniques (NPL) tons of data’s are being collected and analyzed. Speech analysis perfectly handles in routing the call to appropriate department viz., accounts or IT recognizing the customers commonly used phrases or words. Addition of predictive analytics has mastered the speech analysis even by detecting the tone of customer either he is angry or calm, in order to increase the potentiality and effectiveness of the customer care representative.

Doctors are treated like gods since they perform very complex surgeries and operations which are never replaceable by machines and computers. But the truth is AL and ML has improved the diagnosing and treatment process revolutionizing the healthcare industry. The medical records and family history of the patients are collected as a data which is processed for suggesting accurate treatment methods implementing analytics and ML techniques. Can you imagine health care organizations are remotely monitoring the health of a person using the sensors in his wearable devices? As technology grows the future of medicine can cure diseases and save more lives.

Automobile is another industry that is not let loose by AI and ML. Though fully functional driverless car is still under research to overcome the minor glitches, the “connected cars” in the present scenario are collecting more data by IoT mechanisms. Connected car has system is fully online and has access to the real time data to enhance the safety of the travelers. As most of the road accidents are blamed on the driver error, manufacturers like Volvo has already launched a pilot project by fitting sensors to their vehicles that assist driver in providing information’s on real time traffic, road and weather conditions using their own AI algorithms.

We are heading to a rapid technology growth. The days are not far, our refrigerator might suggest us skip dessert because of recurring stress levels. Cars might warn to be alert while driving as the driver feels sleepy.  Computers will encourages us to take break, when we work for longer hours.  Only difference between machines and us is in the part of being emotional, and we will soon develop a human like AI which will also understand human emotions and react accordingly.