We are in 2017, and future is arriving faster than we expected. We never thought that Big Data and Analytics would flip the world upside down in a Presidential Election. The trend is on 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, VR/AR mobile experience, everything on Cloud, Holographic mobile display, getting items delivered through drones, Driverless cars, and what not!

One such key technology growth has paved way for our future is IoT. Internet of Things (IoT) is the biggest innovation that, almost the companies in all industries leverage for its solutions. Just rewinding our time machine few years back, we never had these mobile applications which are now becoming an integral part of our daily activities. So here is a glimpse on how mobile applications are revolutionizing the world of IoT in the industries that we never imagined before.

The dependency on renewable energy for living and the demand of water for agriculture is increasing rapidly. Efficient way of irrigation has been made possible using fewer amounts of water & electricity by implementing IoT solutions. A farmer can manage his water systems using his mobile/tablet from the values collated from different sensors in pumps and nozzles. An integrated mobile application built on MS Azure based IoT platform which also monitors the real-time weather conditions transforming multiple analytics and predicting the amount of water required for irrigation in real time.

We are in an era, where we get the items delivered to us in less than few hours at our door step, relaxing in our couch and ordering through our mobile application. Drones are now being a typical representation of IoT solutions. The intelligence of these unmanned aerial vehicles implemented for surveillance is now design by retail market leader for delivering products to its customers. Mobile applications are optimized to control these drones serving various purposes. Guess what these tech giants are up for next, “Underwater Warehouse” – a patented futuristic concept.

The evolution of low energy Bluetooth technology and WI-FI which transmit data from the sensors in the wearable’s can assist patient’s know their health status such as calories, heart rate, blood pressure level on their mobile applications. Doctors can monitor the status of the patient in real time from distant place with the intervention of IoT technology. Hospitals have implemented IoT to maintain database and retrieve reports of the patients through data from various mobile applications.

The adoption of this technology and customizing it for consumer friendly mobile use is more challenging in this technical world. The internet connected smartphones interacting with the IoT devices with the help of device level programming and APIs. With enormous amount of data being transmitted, collected and processed in these applications, there might be high risk in data privacy. But it will be good to know if these developments of IoT apps evolve without compromising on data protection.

To sum up, the advancement of IoT has its scope in almost all industry from home automation to various industrial uses. The IoT mobile application integration is now happening with the huge support from the third party IoT hardware providers making it easier for the developers. This constant development in mobile applications and IoT can provide round the clock insights leading to a more connected world.