When Employees come first, Growth happens all the time. It would just take a cursory glance at the traits of organizations that stand apart and excel in their trade to realize it is the people power that has catapulted them to the top position. An organization that goes all out to guide employees succeed, celebrate employee achievements and recognize their valuable contribution has the right strategy in place to thrive in this competitive world.

And such organizations make it a practice to embed six core principles into their organizational fabric to make employees drive business success.  What are those core principles?

Nurture the most valuable asset

For organizations, talent has become the most critical asset to drive business growth. From hiring best talent for a specific role to ensuring employees enjoy a rewarding career, organizations ought to provide undivided attention in nurturing the most valuable asset, employees. Being proactive in attracting top talent, assuring employee contribution and in ensuring employees have right skill sets to execute their goals and drive performance has grown into a top priority for organizations to conquer challenges, accelerate business performance and growth.

Let ‘Individual contribution’ be the catalyst for growth

It is about individual commitment to business success. Making an employee know how his contribution is valuable to business success is the key to accelerating business growth. The objective is to synergize individual contribution into a greater effort for achieving common business goals, which strengthens the need to make every employee know what his goals are and how the employee plays a critical role in achieving business goals.

Facilitate best performance every time

Employee performance is the engine pulling the business forward. For an organization to execute new goals, seize new opportunities and overcome new challenges, there is a dire need to achieve consistent employee performance made possible by enriching employee engagement and collaboration. The overarching challenge is then to nurture engaged and empowered employees who can deliver best performances every time to accelerate overall business performance and growth.

Create a culture of learning

Today, the business world has become synonymous with ‘problem-solving pursuits’. In addition, every organization faces immense pressure to ‘think new’ to score points over competition, adapt to rapid technology and market changes, nurture creativity and build knowledge powerhouses to meet evolving business demands. Creating a learning culture can yield better results in terms of developing growth-mindset amidst employees, developing sense of ownership, enhancing employee efficiency and productivity and staying the course to achieve successful business results.

Make it a rewarding and meaningful pursuit

An act of recognition for distinguishing good work, loyalty goes a long in improving employee morale. It is the motivated employees who spearhead business success and it is the organization that benefits by making employees’ career a rewarding and meaningful pursuit. The motivated workforce entwined with rewarding careers can result in greater retention of top-performing employees who make a big difference in the way organizations achieve business results.

Groom future leaders

If identifying, acquiring and retaining top talent belong to one side of the coin, identifying top talent and grooming future leaders make up for the other side of the coin. It takes leaders to take a business from strategy to success. Organizations face the imperative of grooming future leaders to ensure they boast of good pipeline of leaders to meet future needs and contingencies that may arise.

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